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    timorg got a reaction from bellemiche in St Maarten Help   
    Great to hear the Jeep rent is very affordable. I was helping a buddy installing the new rack and extang bed cover on his truck when he mentioned going to St. Maarten trip they've been planning. His eldest son loves to go for a road trip and they will surely love to know about this Jeep rentals there.
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    timorg reacted to bellemiche in St Maarten Help   
    We did rent a jeep and had a lot of fun! It was around $100 for the day. 
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    timorg reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in St Maarten Help   
    Also pinging @bellemiche.  They rented a Jeep there from Hertz in the summer and went all around.  She had a great experience.  She talks about it here in her blog:
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    timorg got a reaction from Jason in St. Kitts   
    The ATV tour sounds exciting!
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    timorg got a reaction from Jason in Barbados   
    Sounds like a great excursion to experience.
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    timorg reacted to Ray in Barbados   
    We did the Atlantis Submarine excursion.
    Went down to 144ft, round reefs and shipwreck, for me was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this, and being a bucket list item was worth every penny. 
    2hrs out of your day so plenty of time to do other things such as private taxi tour 
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    timorg reacted to tiny260 in St. Kitts   
    We went on a ATV tour and then lunch and a beach (It's a public beach with beach restaurant and bar, very nice white sand beach ), I rather enjoyed the ATV and beach (Caribbean sea side), I never have gotten a firm commitment from my wife, I think she just went along to get along. The ATV is not at all strenuous.
    I like to use "resortforaday" and pick a resort to spend the day at, I've done this on Cozumel, Jamaica, Curacao and multiple other islands, we also did this on St Kitts to a Marriott, the resort part was amazing, the beach was great, but I had brought my snorkel gear so that I could dive, but the resort is on the Atlantic side, so it was a little rough and not much to see.
    They have the volcano hike but I have heard it is pretty rough, don't forget Nevis, just a short boat ride away.
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    timorg reacted to tiny260 in "Cigars under the Stars"   
    I just got off the Allure in October and I'm a cigar smoker, and i agree with everything @tonyfsu21 says above as well as what everyone says above.
    I didn't like sitting down on deck 15 where all of the cigarette smokers were sitting (Sounds strange, I know) you are not under the stars and you are sitting with 50-75 other loud, drunk smokers, so go directly up one deck to 16 by the mast bar and there are ash trays available and tables with stools to sit at, the bar was usually closed when I went to smoke my cigar, usually around 9-9:30pm, but you are under the stars a with a nice breeze, my wife would usually even stay with me, with the breeze the smoke didn't bother her. By the end of the week there were 5-6 of us cigar smokers all congregated to the same spot.
    There was one night that we got asked to leave by security, but that was due high winds and safety concerns, not anything to do with the cigars.
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