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  1. We did an med cruise this summer on the vision. We did all our excursions through the company “Tours by Locals.” With our kids ages 15,13, and 8 yr old twins we didn’t think they would get anything out of the large bus tour groups and being herded through cities. Our tours were all private for often cheaper than RCI and we could customize them for what we wanted
  2. We did this tour last year over Christmas. It was good for our kids who were 7 at the time as the guides were great at interacting with them and the treasure hunt takes you to find kites so you get to fly them at the end. There is stops to make a popcorn mix and get frozen yogurt as you tour through the town. Our other two kids ages 12 and 14 were not as impressed as the younger two kids as it was a bit disjointed but overall it was a easy way to spend the day with multiple indoor stops to break up the heat and walking when touring around.
  3. We just got off the vision of the seas also- we did private tours through the company “tours by locals” in Athens and Santorini. Athens we had an amazing guide and city tour- perfect mix of history and good food! In Santorini we had an island tour through the same company which was good but it is a small island and there are a ton of tourists which makes it very crowded. Also! The logistics of Santorini are challenging with only 1 cable car to take people to top of the cliff where town is. The lines were very long so we ended up walking down the “donkey path” which was a challenge to say the l
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