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  1. Chat feature requires human agents waiting to chat. If they had more agents the phone wait times wouldn't be horrendous. Catch 22.
  2. Have you ever sailed with Royal before? If so there are two Crown and Anchor 50% off a beer or wine discounts added to your SeaPass account. You have to ask to use it, it won't be used automatically. If this is your first Royal cruise then the coupon will be available on your next cruise with Royal. Foster Oil Can $9.50 (plus 18% gratuity) Red Stripe $8.25 (plus 18% gratuity) Prices subject to change.
  3. Don't add a second guest, just book using one person. No armband, she will be fine. If you add a second guest you will both have your own separate beach beds so the price doubles since you are purchasing two beach beds.
  4. Yay for hot water! I guess this is one of the only times that "being in hot water" is a good thing.
  5. I normally tap "Dining" at the bottom, then "Main Dining". Then I pick a dining room and there is a "menu" link. That worked last week while on board but it isn't working for my next cruise in December. It is working for a cruise next summer, not that I expect they have the menu actually set for that cruise yet but it tells me they are sometimes not allowing us to see the menu on select cruises. On that future cruise they have only show the MDR open on days 1 to 7, after that the MDR is showing closed for the rest of the 12 night cruise, so they likely did a copy/paste from a 7 night cruise as a template.
  6. Royal likes to try things on a few ships to determine impact.
  7. Jewel didn't offer Maine lobster but it is the second cruise where lobster was on a port day and not a dress up night. Mariner did the same thing on an 8 night cruise with lobster on the day we were in San Juan until 8pm. I think they are trying to catch people off guard so they miss lobster night.
  8. I just booked an excursion for next summer. Initially it appeared to be $67.99. Once I clicked on it it went up to $77.99. I added it to my cart and did some more shopping. I decided to purchase it despite it being $10 more knowing I can cancel for a refund. Going back to my cart it was in there at $67.99. In the end I got for the lower price despite some drama on the way to get there. Royal IT strikes again.
  9. Starlink will continue to have some growing pains mostly because it's not fully built out yet. There are thousands of more satellites required to be launched to fulfil their vision of complete. Starship will hopefully soon greatly assist in that effort. Until they can fully enable satellite-to-satellite lasers Starlink will continue to have a lot of localized variability including dead spots. Galveston based ships are known to have a dead spot as they sail through the lower Gulf and towards the Caribbean Sea. That will be fixed in due time. I see another site claiming Adventure has migrated but I can't find a direct user experience to reference.
  10. Once in a while I dip my toes in the suite life. I'm just as comfortable in a non-suite cabin though so I only live the suite life when the numbers look good. Oasis.
  11. Satellite internet at sea will always be something different than what we get at home. It's amazing to me how people have incorrectly assumed just because Musk is involved the Starlink experience will be better. I'm sure even Elon is shaking his head. He even states his product is aimed at folks in rural areas who have no better choice. He isn't trying to represent it is better than other options yet so many people just assume it will be. It is cheaper though so as an investor in Royal I am totally on board with reducing costs and increase prices and revenue since people are too eager to pay more for less.
  12. Yep. Sailed five lines since the restart. Some of them before the restart. Looking at other lines for some bucket list destinations where I don't want a mass market experience. I do really enjoy the on board experience with Royal. I'm just tired of every booking turning into drama pre-cruise.
  13. But the Royal head bean counter thinks you'll spend the money anyways, even if if is an ugly process. They don't care if it takes 3 minutes or 3 days of your time because they know you'll spend the money and invest endless hours doing so for the vacation experience you want. One way or another they've got you. Making it easy isn't their concern. It's not their time they are wasting.
  14. Once I access my cabin at 1pm-ish I often don't get back until well after the ship has departed. That means well after the legal requirement for the ship to have performed a muster demonstration. I'm not certain locking guests out of cabins, which for Royal, a company that doesn't embrace technology, probably isn't even an option without reprinting a new card so more complexity, a 3 hour line at guest service if that many are not mustering and the cost for wasted cardstock when printing a new one.
  15. Royal is a fantastic cruise line once you are able to board a ship and the cruise starts. They are terrible at everything else. They suck at the pre-cruise guest experience. I totally feel your pain.
  16. The reality of Royal is that they embrace technology in their entertainment and for some on board experiences but they absolutely suck at technology for their land based pre-cruise resources. I'm pretty sure Royal is one of those companies that only views technology in IT as a waste of money, a cost center that can't possibly generate revenue and the concept of leveraging technology to make more money is lost on them. Their original accounting office was in a trailer in a parking lot behind the corporate office. In many ways not much has changed except for the ships.
  17. Royal still seems to believe in capping per user speeds. As ships have been converted to Starlink some Starlink ships are letting the speeds rip and some Starlink ships are retaining the legacy per users caps they used with the old internet provider. I think they are experimenting with different approaches to see how to proceed forward. Keep in mind it wasn't the internet provider that made Voom suck, it was the Royal policy of capping user speeds that made the Voom experience suffer. If they retain the per user caps with Starlink as their internet provider then we have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. In other words Starlink won't make much of a user experience improvement if Royal stays with their old ways. They are switching to Starlink with the primary goal to save money not to improve the user experience.
  18. How is the SL Concierge? I'd mention the hot water issue to them. Forty pins on this class tends to be the cutoff before they are restricted from the SL so they just made it. Just of Jewel with 48 pins. Most pins are decent folks, it's always the few Painicles that stand out and ruin the reputation for the rest.
  19. Definitely maybe. It really depends on the CK host/hostess and what load they are seeing. They are typically hesitant to do much on night one because they don't have a feel for the guest trends that cruise. Sometimes CK is in high demand and sometimes enough suite guests have the UDP or don't use CK for whatever reason. The host/hostess doesn't know on day one if that week is going to be a popular CK week or a slow CK week. I have a suite cruise in December with the UDP and I may not go to CK at all that cruise. Try on day one but take it night by night. Come day 2 or 3 ask again.
  20. The biggest disappointment when twitter took down periscope was the lack of @mpoole3 drunk scopes at 1am. Those would never have occurred without unlimited DX.
  21. Just got off a 6 night that only had one "Dress Your Best" night on day two. Lobster was on the MDR menu for a casual night on a port day, day 5. The day 6 sea day dinner menu was just another MDR menu with normal MDR entrees.
  22. Neither of us was there so none of us know the truth. Having sailed many times and interacted with NC many, many times there is one thing that I do know. The NC team is a sales force. They are sales people. This isn't a cabin attendant or crew member manning the doors of the theater. The types of people that gravitate into sales have usually proven themselves to be very good at customer service and interacting with the public. To make it to the manager position further requires a number of years proving themselves capable of dealing with all sorts of guests over time. These are not the types of people to have a sudden outburst for no reason. OP states "Next cruise manager went ballistic when we questioned policy..." OP should not be questioning why another guest or how another guest was received at NC. That is not their concern. However for a trained and proven manager to go "ballistic" tells me the OP didn't just ask a simple question, they likely went on and became aggressive and abusive in the process. To your point we will never know and entitled people rarely see themselves or their abusive behavior as entitled and abusive so it's unlikely we will get an accurate accounting from the OP. There is more than what they are saying. Managers don't just go ballistic without provocation.
  23. Be aware that the exact category of cabin must be a lower price. "Balcony" is not a category. 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. are all categories. It's very common for one category to change price while another does not. For example, a 2D balcony may drop in price while a 4D balcony increases in price. You may see a generic balcony at a lower rate but if it is not the exact category you are booked in then the lower rate doesn't apply to you. If it is before final payment you might be able to switch categories but that comes with changing cabins and you may not like what is available in the cheaper category. This can also cause a loss of some types of OBC so ask a lot of questions before deciding to change categories. Another scenario that catches some guests is when they have 3 or more guests in a cabin then they see rate for a cabin that can only accommodate 2 guests that is lower. Cabins that can accommodate 3 or more guests are a different category and usually in short supply on most ships compared to cabins that are limited to 2 guest maximum. Sometimes there is a surplus of 2 guest cabins so they lower the price of them. That doesn't mean the cabins that can hold 3 or more guests have also dropped in price. Usually they don't.
  24. The video ads are the most annoying as they start playing loudly out of the blue and murphy's law states they will start playing while you are in the least appropriate or desired environment. Sitting in a quiet waiting area, at work in a cubicle farm, etc. Chrome on a desktop has the uBlock Origin extension that does a good job blocking Youtube ads and ads on this site. I have found I have to disable it while looking at deck plans on Royal's site due to the cross site content that Royal uses. That's easy enough to do on a per site basis. On iOS (Apple) I've yet to find a good way to block ads since Apple makes a fortune on ads in apps so they don't want people to block ads. On Android I've yet to find a good way to block ads in Chrome but fortunately Firefox on android does allow the uBlock-Origin add on which saves me from embarrassing video ad speaker events in public. It does makes using this site over crappy Voom satellite internet tolerable since you don't lose 90% of your bandwidth to video ads. It also features the ability to switch to desktop mode so you can actually log into this site on mobile.
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