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  1. That makes the most sense, it's also something to know that you have for your future cruise.
  2. Oh so the OBC was available for their current cruise, then cancelled the cruise later? Well you really can't blame them. That was not a win/win situation. Thank you!!
  3. HI All, I was reading about Royals Next Cruise program (I believe Matt posted the update) it seemed many many people were unhappy. But the way I read it, they are now offering both Non-refundable and Refundable onboard now but the OBC weren't as good. Can someone confirm for me? After reading all comments I think I can wait till back on land or try another cruise line.
  4. HI JRT, I know the Holiday Inn express has the Stay and Park, I looked at their rates though, they say they give you 8 days free parking, but there rates are quite high (I looked for May Sailing though so maybe in January a little less). they got pretty decent reviews.
  5. Great!! I'll follow Roll Call. I really find Cruise Critic quite informative too! thanks again so much Wilson!
  6. Thank you so much Wilson! I'lll just keep checking! What is the Roll Call? I haven't sailed since 1986 so this is all so new again! LOL
  7. I have a very stupid question. Where would you see that you have a Sale on anything, in your personal cruise planner? Are you notified via email or anything? Or you just keep checking daily. Not sailing till May but still hoping!! LOL Thank you!!
  8. Well after doing much research, I ended up not on RCCL, but on Celebrity from Miami. I had to weigh everything and right now Celebrity is offer a deal of the century, booked a Sky Suite, got FREE PREMIUM DRINK PACKAGE FOR 2, FREE INTERNET FOR 2, PREPAID GRATUTIES and $300 OBC all for the same price I'm paying for Grand Suite on a 5 day Bermuda Cruise. It made no sense. I'm sure for latter part of 2019 back to RCCL and in between as I love them, but couldn't pass this up!
  9. This is great information! We are going to Bermuda in May on Grandeur, then Sept on Pride so not sure if I need to go back to Bermuda. (I've been there in my past life also! LOL) but the 9 night might be something to look at. Sometimes I just like the cruise experience and not necessarily the port of call too. The drive isn't too bad either about 4 hours for us. Thank you so much Skid!!
  10. OMG thank you so so much!!! Great information!!!
  11. Thank you!! So hard to pick! Looking at other cruise lines, but keep going back to RCCL.
  12. Hi All, looking for some information, I've been online and it's getting mind boggling. We are booked on the Grandeur for next May, primarily, it's leaving from Baltimore because it's close to us and it's a smaller ship. We are looking at also March/April 2019 for our 25th wedding anniversary, would consider Miami/FLL but it seems all those ships have between 4K-6K (Symphony) passenger capacity. Any suggestions or do we suck it up?? LOL
  13. HI Madelyn, I don't know when you're travelling, but I got my current passport and they amended it on the last page showing my married name. (of course this was awhile ago), I would check as new passports are $110.00 plus $25.00 to the Post Office if you go there. If it's not due to expire enquire about an amendment.
  14. Oh you made my day!!! thank you so much! Looking at the larger RCCL ships, it just seems too much. (plus if you don't want to travel your choices are limited, with Grandeur or Carnival pride. I have us booked on the Pride in Sept 2018 so I'm hoping that's ok too! We may end up driving to Cape Liberty at one point or fly but for now this is great! Thank you again!!
  15. coneyraven, i am booked on Grandeur for May 2018, and I see you have her booked and been on her. I booked her for 2 reasons, it's close to home (Delaware) and I like the smaller ships. I take it she's still a great ship if you are still going on her? This will be my husbands first cruise so I'm hoping it's nice!
  16. Thank you all for your input! Seems a bit late considering they have April out. Oh well, I'll just keep checking!
  17. Does anyone know how far in advance they open the books to make a reservation? I see April, but not May yet, trying to book for our 25th wedding anniversary. If anyone knows that would be great,thank you so much!
  18. jce2, I'm aware that we would need two, like I said we have the Concierge etc so I'm thinking of just getting one for me, and have Hubby pay for his, all I was saying at this point with all the money we re spending what's a few extra hundreds to get him the package as well.
  19. I promise I will not hold you accountable! At this point, we are spending so much $$ on future cruises too, may as well get both of us signed up! LOL Hubby thinks we only need one so we shall see. Thank you!!
  20. I figured like you said it was the abuse of the program. I see you are on Grandeur, we are on 5 nights next may from Baltimore, planning 2 more as well I'm hoping it's nice, husbands first cruise!
  21. I've been on many RCCL cruises, in my past life (ha ha!) and those ships are in a scrap yard now so this drink package is all new to me, they didn't offer back then. I'm on sailing May 2018 so book the drink package for one now and we would be good even though we're sailing in 2018??
  22. So in other words, I can take the drink package as I'm a wine drinker and that's more money, husband is beer much less than wine. I keep waiting for that infamous discount everyone is talking about! LOL Thank you so much!!
  23. I'm new to this forum and am sure this has been discussed. Do both adults in the same cabin now have to take the beverage package? I keep reading different answers. Trying to decide it it's worth it, we have a Suite booked so we can use the Consierge Lounge, we drink mostly water during the day. Any help would be appreciated. thank you!
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