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  1. two way radios? like nice walkie talkies. I've seen lots of people with them but have never tried them on a ship myself. Not sure if they would work through all the steel.
  2. On allure a few years ago our muster station was in studio B. It was about 55 degrees in there lol. Luckily we were a few drinks in already so it was nice.
  3. I wish they would make all the indoor places (casino) non-smoking. Just about have to throw clothing away after playing in there. Can't wash them and if I put them near other clothes then they all smell like smoke.
  4. I enjoy taking binoculars. You can see cuba for the majority of an entire day while at see. Some small light houses and such. And other cruise ships sometimes. Highlighter for cruise compass. Cheap watch you can wear and leave set on "ship time". Some ports are in different time zones. Clothes line clips for hanging a bathing suit to dry (if you have a balcony room). Flash light (just in case ).
  5. The main dining room menu hasn't changed since my first cruise in september of 2010. Going this september on Oasis so maybe it will have some updates! If not, oh well. It's still good and I didn't have to make it or clean up after it.
  6. If you enjoy drinks then do it. It is so easy to have 5 drinks a day. Plus a latte or cappachino after dinner, fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast, bottled water for port days or in the gym. You can try all the fancy cocktails you normally wouldn't order and not feel pressured to finish it if you don't like it. Plus 900 dollars (for two people on a week cruise) paid in advance before the cruise is a lot better than a 900 dollar bill at the end of the cruise. Or worse. Formal nights are not for everyone but I really enjoy them. I wear dress pants and a button up shirt. Nothing fancy. The best meals of the cruise are usually reserved for the formal nights. I can eat my weight in lobster tails and prime rib. :)
  7. I was curious on this as well. I'll be on oasis sept 3-10 and bought deluxe package for the first time. Anyone have any insight on how well the provided thermos cups work? I'll probably drink too fast for it to matter. Was only thinking of taking a yeti cup for when on the beach at ports.
  8. First cruise at 22, now 29. Married but no kids. 8th cruise booked sept 3 on Oasis. So our sweet spot is cruise anytime kids are still in school! Keep the pee out of the pool.
  9. Wife and I are going to Jamaica for our 9/3/2017 Oasis cruise and I'm wondering if anyone has insight on which is better. I've been to red stripe beach and it was great. Nice beach, great food, and cold beer (had to purchase and was not very cheap, $5 per beer if I remember correctly). For a little more money we can book the Bamboo beach club vip which includes food and drinks and a special section of beach with nicer chairs. So with the drinks and food being included it will probably come out the same if not cheaper than red stripe beach. I guess I'm most concerned with which has nicer beach for swimming and walking and snorkel if deep enough. Red stripe beach is 29 per person and bamboo beach vip is 79 per person. Thanks for any advise!
  10. 2 years ago my wife and I booked a week cruise on Independence of the seas. We booked an ocean view window room. A few weeks before the cruise an RCI representative called and offered us a balcony upgrade, and actually let us choose the balcony room we wanted, for $100. SOLD! It was amazing, but has now ruined us and we always want a balcony. Being platinum members now we booked an ocean view balcony on Oasis this sept. 3-10 with our discount!
  11. That is perfect! Thank you, hopefully this is still the current menu. Domestic bubbles are fine by the wife.
  12. I did listen to it and it just states sparkling wine is included. But all the menus I'm find just show 2 sparkling wine options and both are 14 or 15 depending on the ship.
  13. Thanks, it sort of does haha. Just wondering if there are really only 2 choices for champagne by the glass. Last time we went on Allure there were many more options at the champagne bar with two being under 10 dollars. We always got the chateau ste. michelle for $9 per glass. Seems like a champagne bar would have more than 2 types of champagne. Thats like vintages have 2 wines to choose from.
  14. My wife and I are cruising Oasis of the Seas on September 3, 2017 and we have both bought the deluxe drink package for the first time (sixth RCI cruise together). My wife particularly likes champagne so we hang out at the champagne bar a lot. From what I have read the deluxe drink package covers drinks up to $13 on oasis class, but all the menu's I'm finding online only show two champagne (sparkling wine) choices (by the glass) with both being over the $13 mark. Has anyone been on a very recent cruise with the deluxe drink package and been able to get champagne without paying an up charge? Thanks for any answers!
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