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  1. If you use the home test what do you use to angle your cell phone to the different angles needed. You would need head on and then toward the test laying flat on a desk or counter top. Hope this makes sense.
  2. You have to buy 6 tests if you do that can another couple use three of the test or if you order must you use all of them.
  3. Is anyone else having a problems with the web page? I tried to get into my sail pass and it just goes back to the main page. I can view it on my phone app but not the web page.
  4. Ok maybe a glitch or something I would just keep checking back or maybe call Royal. Was more fun before all these extra steps were added but I guess it best for all who cruise to be safe.
  5. Did you use the App or online on your computer?
  6. You need to fill out an application it should show up like 30 days out from your cruise for members of your party cost 40.00 each. web site https://www.gov.bm/applying-bermuda-travel-authorisation
  7. I just checked in with time and all the information for our cruise and 45 days started after 0000 hours this morning.
  8. If the app says the 20th tomorrow is that a sure thing that will be check in.
  9. Have cruised on Grandeur had a great time.
  10. I installed the app on the phone of the couple going with us on our cruise and on his app it says the 19th of April for check in and on my app its says the 20th. I called Royal and they said it is the 20th any idea why his says the 19th. Will that mess him up to check in?
  11. So does that mean that we don't have to up load any test results since we need the covid test done to board the ship.
  12. Requirements for Bermuda you have to fill out the application like 30 days before you sail and pay 40.00 then it says: Your application will be stored until the departure date listed on your application. Four days before your scheduled arrival to Bermuda, you will receive a reminder email to upload your pre-travel negative test result to complete your Travel Authorization application. How can you do that if you don't have the internet plan while on the ship has anyone been to Bermuda lately.
  13. If its done at a pharmacy they won't have a lab number so they would need what a certificate number which would be what. Have not cruised since the virus had two cancelled so just trying to make sure I have everything I need.
  14. Hate to keep beating this dead horse but for those that got the paper work what must the certificate or paper work say to be excepted by RCL. I found a drug store that does them for 50.00 and no appt. needed. Thanks, Ed
  15. Anyone traveled to Bermuda since you need to fill out an application to enter the Country? I went to the site now we are still 50 days or so till the cruise but it starts by clicking on you ship Adventure of the Seas is not listed.
  16. First passport would take longer but my wife got her renewal back in eight days which surprised us.
  17. CVS's in my area are only doing the PCR test 1-2 days for results. I found another drug store that does he rapid tests and charges 50.00 will go there I guess.
  18. If you check in on the phone app can you fill in the information on the web page also?
  19. Question have not cruised since the pandemic. Check in on the app we are traveling with another couple so need same check in although since I am in a suite I could be one hour either way I think. Would be nice though to have the same time your saying I could go into my phone app and pick check in times for my wife and I and the other couples or is it done by reservation numbers? If I did that 1201AM then we could both come back later and fill in all the other needed information and it would let me check in his reservation time. Plus doing this would not mess up his information on the web site. Thanks Ed
  20. I forget the amount you can bring of the ship before paying duty?
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