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  1. Not yet! It is not recognizing my crown and anchor number either. On March 9th I went through Twitter. I was messaged that they would connect me. They asked my reservation number and told me to “hold on”. I am still holding....
  2. I saw that recommendation on another thread! I have those luggage tag holders sitting in my bag all ready to go!
  3. Yes! I can see my cruise that way! I am waiting for my TA to return tomorrow to see if maybe she has my documents going to her? I am traveling with my son and his girlfriend so I have them coming to my work this week to complete online check in. We do need to upload photos- right? I am hoping the link you shared with me ( which I will admit has stopped my tears) still works! 27 days!
  4. Another day, another”we are unable to locate this reservation or name” 😫
  5. Is it unusual that I do not have any documents to print 28 days before a cruise?
  6. I am beginning to think I must have lost my mind. Exactly 4 weeks from today I am leaving on my cruise. Every day I log in and it tells me it cannot find my name or reservation number. Every time I log in I hopevmy reservation will magically appear- silly isn’t it?
  7. Thank you, this time it worked! It was bringing me to my log in page earlier but would not click through.
  8. Are there other people who still cannot access their upcoming cruises? I am 30 days away and now the other older links no longer work. I am getting so very, very discouraged.
  9. Can I ask about the rock climbing? Do you sign up for it or do you just line up}
  10. Thank you for this blog! I am really enjoying it and every time I read an Anthem blog I learn something new!
  11. You know, I would be much more understanding and accepting of these issues if I received any communication regarding the issues and timeline. Instead, I continue to get emails telling me there is a sale and I should book another cruise. Just one little email, “ we are experiencing difficulties and please accept our apologies. We expect this issue to be resolved no later than than March....”
  12. I know I saw a post another day that someone could print their documents I thought around day 40? I am 35 days out and I looked today. It says I will get an email when I can print everything. Would that include luggage tags? Can I do online check in now?
  13. Thanks! That link works and I can see my cruise and everything I booked is there!
  14. Unfortunately when I do that on the new site it says I do not have a reservation.
  15. Last night I started looking for information. I ended up on Twitter and sent a PM. First I was told the issues only affected “a small number of people” but they could not say when it would work. I focused on the fact that there was no warning and I can not find any information shared by the company to address concerns. As someone with a cruise in 35 days I am very concerned when RCL says I do not have a reservation. After a number of messages back and forth they asked me my reservation number. At 8:14pm they told me to “hold on” while they checked. That was my last response. I didn’t think they would make me feel worse but they did. i am thankful to all of you and your tricks to get into the new website.
  16. How did you locate your cruise? It is telling me that my reservation does not exist?
  17. This is great info. I have not booked any speciality dining on my Anthem cruise since it is my first cruise. I have been tempted to book a lunch but I think I will just wait. I really don’t need it, but maybe I want it.....
  18. I contacted a MEI agent directly that was referred to me through another group I am in. I contracted her in February 2017 for my April 2018 cruise. She has forwarded me info when the Ultimate dining offering became available and she applied discounts four different times. The last one saved me $300. I never had to ask her to check. Do any agents charge?
  19. Have a great cruise! Can I ask you all the qustions I forgot to ask @twangster? Can you tell me if you see information on booking the escape room? Also, are you eating in the MDR? Can you post pictures of menus? Are they the same cruise to cruise? Thanks and enjoy!
  20. As a first time cruiser I think this could be very confusing. The paid offering is listed as an “activity” in my cruise planner. My free option is entertainment.
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