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    Refreshment Package

    Thanks everyone!! Regular Soda Package it is.
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    First Night Done Right

    We did this on Oasis July 9th 2017. We got to our room, and were scheduled for Italian. Went to dining reservation stand in the promenade RC had set up as your walk onto the ship. She changed it to Chops. Worked great. Chops for $15 per person. Great deal.
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    Captain Ram

    Snorkeling in Nassau

    HI the website is www.nassausnorkeling.com
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    Down Hill Trek Saint Martin

    Greetings, During our recent Oasis stop in Saint Martin, I did the Down Hill Trek and did not have a great time. When I disembarked and met the guide on the pier she was a little distracted and inattentive. We walked over to the bus stop and filled out a wavier, then waited about 20 minutes for a bus. We got on that bus drove through Phillipsburg and parked at a construction site for 20 minutes. Then, a smaller bus pulled up and the guide told us we were on the wrong bus. After that we went straight to the park. We offloaded and were offered walking sticks (take one) and got on the truck to take us to the top. At this point 5 of the 16 people on the tour asked about bicycles. The tour guide was confused and after a few moments of conversation those five people were surprised to discover that "down hill trek" meant walking not mountain biking. We got in the truck, which took us up the mountain. Once we got there we unloaded and walked a short distance to two different overlooks for pictures. We then started the hike down. The trail was not very well maintained (I definitely recommend a walking stick). The trail was overgrown and filled with ruts from running water. Several people (old & young) had trouble navigating many parts of the trail. The whole hike was about 2.5 hours and there was some rain which the trail a bit more challenging. Once at the bottom the bus was nowhere to be found. After another 20 minutes the bus showed up and took us back to the pier. The bus stopped downtown to drop off three people, who wanted to shop. Overall the trip was ok, the confusion/delay with the buses was annoying.
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    Nassau Options (saving $)

    Stay on the ship!
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