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Royal Caribbean cabins for 5 or more people

02 Apr 2024
Calista Kiper

It's not always easy to go on a cruise if you have more than four people in your cabin.

Rooms for 5 or more people

Royal Caribbean creates great cruise experiences for the whole family, and makes it easy to plan a cruise for four people or less.  But what if you have a bigger group? 

For groups of five or more, more challenges can arise. 

You often cannot book one on the website but will have to call Royal Caribbean or ask your travel agent to take care of it.

Family on the swings in CocoCay

Whether you’re a family with many kids, a big friend group, or an extended relative family reunion, it’s natural to want to stay close to the group you’re traveling with.

Picking the right stateroom for your family involves choosing the right size, finding the best location, and ensuring that everyone is comfortable and has enough privacy. 

Your family’s cabin will become your home on the seas, so it’s important to find the best fit.


Not every cruise ship will have stateroom options available, but here are your best bets if you’re looking for a room that fits all of you.

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Family oceanview stateroom

Spacious oceanview cabin

For families who want to stay all together in one cabin, a family oceanview stateroom—also called the “ultra spacious ocean view” is a great, affordable option.

It has space for six people and requires a minimum of five people to book the room.

This stateroom ranges from 265 to 328 square feet of space. It features a king bed, with additional bunk beds in a separate area, and a living area with a sofa bed.

Voyager of the Seas oceanview cabin

The cabin also features an ocean view, usually through a window or a set of portholes. This brings in natural light and provides a window into the outside world.

However, a major drawback to this cabin is its location on the deck, which is usually all the way forward. 

Staterooms in the very front or back of the cruise ship are more subject to feeling the motion of the ship, which can cause seasickness.

Because a larger group is required to book this room, it won’t sell out quickly. It’s also one of the cheapest options for a group of five or more.

Available on: Oasis Class, Freedom Class, Voyager Class, Radiance Class, Vision Class

Family interior stateroom

Icon of the Seas interior cabin

The cheapest single-cabin option for five to six guests is the family interior or “spacious interior” stateroom.

It is windowless, with no ocean view, but can accommodate larger families.

Two twin beds can stay separated or convert to a Royal King, providing different options for bed configurations. 

Two Pullman beds pull out from the ceiling or fold down from the wall, leaving plenty of space in the room until the beds are needed.


A family interior stateroom also has a private bathroom and a sitting area with a sofa that converts into a double bed.

This room is a great choice for families who don’t need an ocean view or a balcony, want to save money, or are looking for a variety of bed configurations.

Available on: Oasis Class, Freedom Class, Vision Class

Family promenade view stateroom

Promenade cabin

Similar to the family oceanview stateroom, the family promenade stateroom—or, “spacious promenade view” offers a spacious cabin with a special view.

This stateroom is an interior room that looks out onto the Royal Promenade. 

It is spacious, spanning 327 square feet, and can accommodate up to six guests.

The stateroom features a set of twin beds that can convert to a larger bed, a sofa in the sitting area, and either bunk beds or Pullman beds for extra sleeping space.

Promenade view cabin

This stateroom has a better location, closer to the middle of the ship, and a unique view as it looks out onto the activity of the Royal Promenade.

However, one disadvantage is the large amount of noise that can come from the music, events, and crowds gathered below.

Available on: Freedom Class

Family Infinite Ocean View Balcony

Family infinite balcony

New categories on Icon of the Seas promise extra options for families and big groups.

The Family Infinite Oceanview Balcony is a new cabin on Icon of the Seas that combines an infinite balcony with additional space for families.

The stateroom is 285 square feet and sleeps 6 people. The convertible balcony spans 50 square feet.

Family infinite balcony split bathroom

Two twin beds can convert into a Royal King, and a separate alcove holds bunk beds for kids.

With families in mind, there are games inside the room and two televisions—so everyone gets their own remote.

The bathroom is also split into two compartments, so multiple guests can use it at the same time.

Available on: Icon of the Seas

Royal Loft Suite

Royal Loft Suite

If your group is willing to splurge on a suite, the Royal Loft Suite is a high-end, luxurious choice.

This suite boasts Star tier suite benefits, 560-580 square feet of space, and a large private balcony. 

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Royal Loft Suite second bedroom

The “loft” configuration means that there are two floors, allowing guests to spread out over the stateroom and give each other privacy.

This family space can sleep up to six guests, with two sets of twin beds that convert to a Royal King and one double sofa bed.

For families who need a lot of space, this huge suite is an expensive but worthwhile treat. 

Royal Loft suite on Icon

If you can afford it, a Royal Loft Suite is one of the best ways to stay with a lot of people without tripping over each other.

Available on: Oasis Class, Quantum Class, and Icon of the Seas

Ultimate Family Suite

Another splurge-worthy suite is the Ultimate Family Suite, only available on a select few ships. 

This is one of the few staterooms for huge groups and families, as it can sleep up to nine people.

This suite is part of the Star tier as well, boasting the highest level of Royal Caribbean suite benefits.

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Ultimate Family Townhouse

A king-sized bed, two twin beds that can convert to kings, four twin-sized bunk beds, and a double pull-out sofa bed ensure that everyone has ample choice at bedtime.

Video games, table tennis, Connect 4, and an in-room slide all provide entertainment right in the stateroom.

And the wide balcony features a private Jacuzzi! 


For large families who want to stay together and enjoy activities right in their own stateroom, the Ultimate Family Suite is an incredibly exciting option.

Available on: Symphony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas, and Wonder of the Seas

Two staterooms

Harmony of the Seas interior cabin

If all else fails, you can always book two staterooms.

The cost of two separate staterooms can be cheaper than one large family stateroom. 

Not only that, but you also get the benefit of having two bathrooms.

This is also a bonus for groups of adults or families with older children because it provides separation and additional privacy.

Connecting door

Guests over 21 can have their own room, so just make sure that you’re booking at least one adult in each room.

Booking two rooms doesn’t mean you’ll be completely separated from your group, either. There are connecting staterooms, which have a door between them for easy flow. 

This is convenient to keep open during the day, essentially creating a multiple-room cabin with two adjoining rooms.

Available on: all Royal Caribbean ships

Ultimate Family Townhouse

Ultimate Family Townhouse

Royal Caribbean has added multiple new categories on Icon of the Seas that particularly cater to families.

The Ultimate Family Townhouse is the summation of suites onboard, feeling more like a townhouse than a cruise ship cabin.

With a view of the ocean and the Surfside neighborhood, this three-story suite can sleep 8 guests.

The room spans 1,772 square feet with two balconies. The balcony on level one is 410 square feet, while the balcony on level two is 90 square feet.

Two-bedroom spaces hold a king bed, two sets of bunk beds, and a double sofa bed.

The room features an impossible amount of games and activities for kids, including a slide that connects the second and main levels!

Available on: Icon of the Seas

Calista Kiper graduated from Wheaton College, IL, with a B.A. in English Writing. 

Growing up traveling around the world, she developed a passion for diversity and cross-cultural communication. From her first cruise on Wonder of the Seas, she has delighted in the intersection between travel, diversity, and writing in the cruising world.

Calista spends her free time reading, cooking, and researching the latest human-interest stories. 

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