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Norway cruise: Taking a boat to visit an amazing fjord and waterfall in Haugesund

16 May 2023
Matt Hochberg

If there's one aspect of a Norway cruise that draws almost everyone, it's the opportunity to see the fjords.

Visiting Haugesund and the fjord

Norway is well-known for these amazing natural wonders, and it's certainly why I wanted to take a cruise to this part of the world to be able to see the fjords up-close.

Similar in the breathtaking nature of an Alaska cruise, fjords offer scenic views that surround you, and it's the kind of experience that photos simply don't do it justice.


The first stop on my Anthem of the Seas cruise brought me to Haugesund, Norway, and it was my first chance to see a fjord.  

Royal Caribbean offers a boat tour, in which you sail through the Åkrafjord and right up to Langfoss waterfall.

Langfoss Waterfall

Langfoss waterfall

The ride to Åkrafjord is about 90 minutes by coach bus, but the drive is worth it when you emerge from the final tunnel with Langfoss waterfall in view.

Langfoss is a massive waterfall that is almost 2,000 feet tall.  It splashes right into Åkrafjord, and it's quite impressive.

Langfoss waterfall

Visiting Norway in May meant the winter snow was melting in full force, and that meant the water pressure was at its height.  Certainly no trickle of water here.  In fact, if you got close enough, you'd feel the mist of the water.

The nice thing about Langfoss is it's right against the road that brings you into the area, so it's an easy walk to see all angles of the lower section of the waterfall.

We'd see more of the waterfall later in the tour.



The best way to see the fjord and waterfall is by boat, which gives you the perfect perspective to see the entirety of the area along with the waterfall.

We boarded a small ferry that took us on a grand circle tour of the fjord, bringing us right up to the sides of the mountain that form the fjord.


In case you're wondering, a fjord is defined as a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier.

We slowly made our way around Åkrafjord, with ample time to see it all.

The highlight is when the ferry approaches Langfoss, and the ferry actually comes right up to the waterfall.  

Åkrafjord with Langfoss waterfall
Åkrafjord with Langfoss waterfall

At this point, you have the best view possible of the waterfall without actually getting wet.

Åkrafjord with Langfoss waterfall
Åkrafjord with Langfoss waterfall

The captain even extended a bucket into the falls to get water from it for everyone to sample.


Once again, it's hard to convey in photos just how majestic the entire fjord looked.  Given how cooperative the weather was, we had a picture perfect day enjoying time in the fjord.

Lunch at the fjord

Lunch near Åkrafjord

What's better than seeing a fjord? How about eating local food with the fjord in view!

Located steps from where we boarded the ferry and within full view of Langfoss is a small family-owned farm that opens its doors for meals.

We were greeted by the matriarch of the family, who set up a smorgasbord of local food. 

Lunch near Åkrafjord

Goat cheese, cured meats, potatoes, salmon, and fresh baked bread were set up for our enjoyment.

We also had samples of brunost, which is a Norwegian brown cheese.

All the food was sourced from providers in the area, no more than 50 km or so away, with the exception of fruit they bought that came from Spain.

Lunch near Åkrafjord

I took my food out to the porch, and enjoyed my meal with Langfoss and the Åkrafjord in sight.  I wish I could have my lunch every day with a view like tis!

Booking the Åkrafjord and Langfoss Waterfall tour

Norwegian fjord

I booked the Åkrafjord and Langfoss Waterfall shore excursion through Royal Caribbean on the cruise planner website.

The cost was $299.00 per person, and included a roundtrip bus ride, guided narration, and the lunch.

The tour lasted 7 hours, and we made one additional stop at a monument the honors Norway's first king, Harald Fairhair.

Viking monument

While the time required to commute back and forth to the fjord is not short, it's well worth the trip given how beautiful the views were of the area. Add onto that the lunch that was provided, and I was quite satisfied with the cost and duration of the trip.

Norway has many appealing traits, but certainly the fjords have to be at the top of anyone's list for a Norwegian cruise.  As such, it's quite important to prioritize a fjord visit, and I started off my Norway cruise with a wonderful shore excursion.

About Haugesund


Haugesund is a vibrant and historic town dating back to Viking times. This is where, a thousand years ago, King Harald Fairhair united Norway into a single kingdom. It was from this area that the Viking Kings ruled Norway for more than 500 years.

The region has laid claim to the title of Norway's Birthplace - the Homeland of the Viking Kings.

The cruise port in Haugesund is located on the small island of Risøy that is attached to the mainland and downtown Haugesund by the Risoy Bridge.


The city center is a comfortable 10-15 minute walk. Limited shuttle buses are also available for a charge of approximately 7 Euros.

Haraldsgata is the popular pedestrian street in Haugesund where you can find the main tourist information center and a variety of shops.