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Royal Caribbean will send Icon of the Seas to the UK first

06 Apr 2022
Matt Hochberg

Royal Caribbean has been quiet on just about every detail of its new Icon Class cruise ships, but we now know she'll start cruising first in the UK.

Icon of the Seas 2023

The cruise line has reveled very few details about the ship, but it sounds like more information will be revealed sooner than later.

Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley confirmed when Icon of the Seas debuts, she will sail from the UK at the start of her career.

Speaking to TTG Media, Mr. Bayley emphasized how important the UK cruise market is by mentioning Icon of the Seas will sail from Southampton.

"I promise you will bring Icon of the seas into Southampton. The UK will be the first country and market that we will bring this incredible ship into [when it launches] in ’23."

Harmony of the Seas arriving in Southampton Open configuration options Open configuration options 1 / 9

This is not the first time a new Royal Caribbean cruise ship went to the UK first, before heading to the United States after.

Harmony of the Seas was the last Royal Caribbean cruise ship to do so. She started off with a series of short getaways to Northern Europe from Southampton, followed by cruises from Barcelona before heading to the United States shortly thereafter.

Royal Caribbean opted not to send Symphony of the Seas to the UK when she debuted because Harmony was poorly received by the British press.

More details coming soon

Icon of the Seas steel

Mr. Bayley went on to talk about just how impressed he is with Icon while not divulging any additional details, "This ship is unbelievable."

"What's fascinating about Icon is the sheer scale of the product."

He talked about the fact details of the new ship have been shared internally at a closed-door event in Miami recently among key marketing and sales and revenue people. This could point to more information coming soon.

Mr. Bayley also said Royal Caribbean is working out details for timing of an event in New York later this year to announce more information.

Last month, Royal Caribbean Senior Vice President and Chief Product Innovation Officer Jay Schneider said the public can expect to get more details on Icon between April or May.