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Royal Caribbean Lift and Shift information & frequently asked questions

Matt Hochberg

Royal Caribbean's Lift and Shift program offers guests the option to move their existing cruise reservation one year ahead, and it has intrigued plenty of potential cruisers looking to defer their vacations.

The appeal of Lift and Shift is it provides a simple and clean way to move a booking without having to cancel and rebook.

Taxes & fees will be adjusted to reflect the charges associated with the new sailing. Taxes & fees from the original sail date will not be protected.

How does Lift and Shift work?

If you have a cruise booked, Royal Caribbean is offering the opportunity between now and November 30, 2020, to protect the original price and promotional offering of a cruise by selecting a future sailing on the same itinerary type, sailing length, stateroom category, and within the same 4-week period of their original cruise date same-time-next-year.

You do not need to book the same ship or even class of ships.

Does it matter when a cruise was booked?

Guests are eligible to rebook under the Lift & Shift guidelines between now and November 30, 2020. After this point, Lift & Shift expires and is no longer eligible.

All existing bookings, as well as bookings made between now and November 30, 2020 are eligible.

If your Royal Caribbean cruise was cancelled by the cruise line, there are different opt-in deadlines:

  • Sailings departing June 12-July 31, 2020: On-or-before June 10, 2020
  • Canada Port closures departing August 1-October 31, 2020: On-or-before June 17, 2020
  • Explorer of the Seas itineraries through August 2020: On-or-before June 25, 2020
  • China (July 1-12, 2020) & 2020 Copenhagen sailings: On-or-before June 25, 2020
  • Sailings departing August 1- September 15, 2020: On or before July 10, 2020
  • China (Quantum & Spectrum July 13-31, 2020) & Bermuda sailings through October 31, 2020: On or before July 10, 2020
  • Australia/New Zealand departures between November 1 – December 31, 2020:On or before September 28, 2020.
  • Spectrum of the Seas China Departures between October1 – 31, 2020: On or before September 28, 2020.
  • Sailings between November 1-30, 2020: On or before October 16th, 2020.

Bookings for 2021 sail dates may shift to 2022 only on current deployment open through 4/30/22

Do all rates qualify for Lift & Shift?

Most cruise rates do apply with no restrictions, but there are a few exceptions.

Select restricted rates are ineligible for Lift & Shift and Best Price Guarantee - including but not limited to

  • Net rates
  • Casino rates
  • Travel Agent Friends & Family rates
  • Travel Agent Reduced rates
  • Complimentary staterooms

Are there any blackout dates for Lift & Shift?

Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year’s cruises are ineligible, unless you are currently confirmed on one of these sailings and wish to take advantage of Lift & Shift to move to the same sailing next year (assuming all other qualifying criteria is met).

Will my pre-cruise purchases at their booked rates come with Lift & Shift?

Unfortunately, not.

Pre-cruise purchases such as beverage packages, shore excursions, etc. will be removed during the re-accommodation process and can be added to the future reservation, as desired, at prevailing rates.

What happens to hotels and transfer purchases?

If you purchased hotel accommodations or transfers with Royal Caribbean, these will be removed during the re-accommodation process, but can be re-added, if desired, once confirmed
on the future ship/sailing of choice at prevailing rates.

If you purchased these outside of Royal Caribbean, you will need to be addressed directly with whomever you purchased it originally.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use Lift & Shift?

Yes, you can only use it once throughout the lifetime of the booking.

Lift & Shift scenarios

While the rules laid out in this post answer many questions, there may still be lingering questions and conundrums you may have about specific situations.

In order to provide better context, Royal Caribbean has provided some examples of when Lift & Shift may or may not be applicable.

Different ship

Currently booked on Explorer of the Seas in Europe this August 2020. Can I Lift & Shift to Harmony of the Seas in September 2021?

Yes, provided the sailing next year is on a departure that falls within a 4-week span of their original sail date, you are able to enjoy a cruise onboard the Harmony of the Seas in
Europe within the same stateroom and on a sailing of the same length. 

Currently booked on an Open Jaw Alaska itinerary onboard Radiance of the Seas departing August 21, 2020 and want to move to a Roundtrip Alaska itinerary onboard Ovation of the Seas departing August 20, 2021. Does this qualify for Lift & Shift?

Yes, assuming you want the same stateroom category since the sailing length, itinerary type, and timing meet the required criteria.

Different Sailing Length

Currently booked on a 4-night Bahamas cruise onboard Mariner of the Seas in October 2020 and now want to move to a 3-Night weekend getaway onboard the same ship in October 2021, can I take advantage of Lift & Shift as long as the same stateroom category is selected?

No, because the two sailings are not the same length. 

While the same itinerary, stateroom category, and 4-week cruise window were selected, you would have to select another 4-night Bahamas cruise in October 2021 to qualify for Lift & Shift.

Different stateroom type

Is it possible to Lift & Shift from 2020 to the same cruise in 2021, but upgrade to a balcony stateroom over the prior booked oceanview?

Yes, you could upgrade to a balcony, but under prevailing pricing and promotional offerings.

Unfortunately, prior rates and promotions will not carry through.

Different timing

Is it feasible to Lift & Shift an Oasis of the Seas cruise from Port Everglades on December 6, 2020 to Oasis of the Seas departing Miami on December 19, 2021?

Since December 19, 2021 is a Christmas sailing and the current reservation is confirmed on a non-holiday December cruise, unfortunately, Lift & Shift does not apply.

Are cruises cancelled eligible for Lift & Shift?

Lift & Shift is applicable to cancelled sailings departing between June 12 and July 31, 2020. Those sailings previously impacted by Royal Caribbean's pause in operation, unfortunately, are ineligible.