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Perfect Day at CocoCay: Everything you need to know!

30 Apr 2019
Matt Hochberg

Royal Caribbean is transforming its private island in the Bahamas to an all-new experience known as Perfect Day at CocoCay.  It promises to revolutionize the cruise line private island visit by offering a variety of new venues, activities and ways to indulge and relax. Perfect Day represents a major step forward in what guests can expect from a private island day.

Royal Caribbean is spending $250 million in making over CocoCay and will open the Perfect Day experience in multiple phases. Royal Caribbean thinks Perfect Day will deliver the kind of memorable vacations its guests want either on land or at sea.

What is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Perfect Day at CocoCay is Royal Caribbean's private island in the Bahamas and the first island in the cruise line's Perfect Day Island Collection, a series of private island destinations around the world.

Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas will boast a number of distinct experiences and iconic features, including racing down the tallest waterslide in North America, riding the tide of the Caribbean’s largest wave pool, or taking in the highest view in The Bahamas from a helium balloon 450 feet in the air, unwinding at the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, or enjoying the perfect beach day. Royal Caribbean hopes it can offer enough to create a guest's perfect vacation day – no matter what that may look like.

What types of slides, rides, cabanas, beaches, and pools are offered?

Guests can choose from a variety of things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Beyond a traditional beach day, there are dining venues, a water park, beach club, helium balloon and more to try.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Thrill Waterpark
    • Daredevil’s Tower featuring, Daredevil’s Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America.
    • Family Tower, a waterslide experience for families and kids with 6 slides.
    • Wave Pool, the Caribbean’s largest wave pool and a kid-friendly obstacle course pool.
    • Adventure Pool, kid-friendly obstacle course pool.
    • Zip Line, 1,600 feet long over the waterpark.
    • Captain Jack’s Grill
    • Snack Shack 
  • Splashaway Bay
  • Captain Jill’s Galleon
  • Chill Island 
    • Oasis Lagoon freshwater pool and bar
    • The beach
    • Chill Grill
    • Beach Side Cabanas
    • Up, Up and Away helium balloon
      • Rise 450 feet above Perfect Day at CocoCay in a colorful helium balloon and provides the highest vantage point in the Caribbean.
    • South Beach
      • Offering volleyball, beachside basketball, soccer, paddle boarding, glass-bottom kayaking and zorbing in an inflatable zorb ball. 
    • Coco Beach Club
      • Oceanfront infinity pool, upgraded cuisine and the only overwater cabanas in the Bahamas.

    When does Perfect Day at CocoCay open? 

    The new pier that allows ships to dock at the island opened in March 2019. 

    The first phase of Perfect Day at CocoCay officially opened on May 4th with Thrill Waterpark, the Zip Line, Splashaway Bay aqua park, Up, Up and Away helium balloon, Captain Jill’s Galleon, Skipper’s Grill dining, Captain Jack’s dining, Chill Island, Chill Grill dining, and Oasis Lagoon freshwater pool available to all guests. 

    South Beach, Coco Beach Club and the overwater cabanas will open in December 2019.

    Which ships sail to Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    A number of Royal Caribbean cruise ships will offer stops at Perfect Day on CocoCay on select itineraries over the next two years. In 2019, 11 ships will visit Perfect Day at CocoCay. These include:

    • Adventure of the Seas
    • Allure of the Seas
    • Anthem of the Seas
    • Grandeur of the Seas
    • Harmony of the Seas
    • Mariner of the Seas
    • Navigator of the Seas
    • Oasis of the Seas
    • Rhapsody of the Seas
    • Symphony of the Seas

    When I can get off my ship and onto the island? When do I need to be back on board?

    Your Royal Caribbean ship will dock at the new pier Royal Caribbean has added to the island, eliminating the need for tenders.

    Just like any port of call Royal Caribbean visits, there are posted times and operating hours for Perfect Day at CocoCay. Refer to your Cruise Compass and onboard announcements for specific times, but your ship will spend many hours during the course of your visit.

    How much does Perfect Day at CocoCay cost? Is there an admission fee? 

    A majority of what Royal Caribbean offers at Perfect Day at CocoCay is complimentary, with some attractions and experiences carrying an additional cost.

    Some of the experiences that have no additional costs include Oasis Lagoon, Captain Jill’s Galleon, Splashaway Bay, and new sports courts on South Beach. Royal Caribbean has also enhanced its beaches like Chill Island and South Beach, both offering plenty of free beach chairs and beach side activities.

    Thrill Waterpark offers full day passes for an additional cost. They go onto your SeaPass card and you simply scan at the entrance to the water park. You can also purchase passes at the entrance if you did not pre-purchase prior to your cruise or on board.

    Up, Up, and Away and the Zip Line are treated as excursions, and carry an additional cost.

    A variety of dining venues are also included at no additional cost to ensure there is plenty of food to enjoy while on the island throughout the day. Five new complimentary dining venues are located throughout the island.

    You can view a full breakdown of what is included and what costs extra at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

    What are some other important things that may or may not have an extra charge?

    You will find complimentary freshwater showers, restrooms, and changing rooms available on the island.  Towels, umbrellas and beach chairs are complimentary to all of our guests.

    Lockers are available throughout the island for a nominal rental fee. 

    Cabanas are available for an additional cost

    What are the age, height, or weight restrictions or requirements for the slides, rides and experiences?

    There are no age restrictions for the experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Some slides and activities have height and
    weight restrictions, and you can refer to our list of restrictions for specifics.

    Many of the island’s other experiences, such as Up, Up and Away helium balloon, Oasis Lagoon freshwater pool, and Captain Jill’s Galleon, are open to all adventurers. 

    If there is bad weather and I booked water park admission, Up, Up and Away, zip line, or a cabana, will the excursion be canceled and will I receive a refund?

    If Royal Caribbean cancels the excursion, your onboard account will be fully refunded.

    Just like any shore excursion you book at any port Royal Caribbean visits, shore activities are subject to the same policy as the cruise line's shore excursions at other global destinations.  This essentially means you cannot opt for a refund/cancellation because the weather is not to your liking.

    Excursions can be modified or canceled up to 48 hours prior to port arrival without penalty. The deadline for tour exchanges is 48 hours before port arrival. 

    Will beverage or Wi-Fi packages be used at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    Yes, Royal Caribbean will honor beverage and internet packages purchased online or onboard its ships while visiting the island. 

    Royal Caribbean's Voom internet offerings are also available to use while on CocoCay.

    Do I need my SeaPass card to enter Perfect Day at CocoCay? How do I pay for things on the island?

    Just like any port of call your Royal Caribbean ship visits, you will need your SeaPass card to exit and re-board the ship. In addition, your SeaPass card is what you will use to pay for things on the island.

    Your SeaPass card or Royal Caribbean app is needed to scan your tickets for admission to the waterpark.

    The only exception is the straw market, which is operated by Bahamaians, and only US Dollars are accepted by these vendors.

    Can I fly a drone at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    No, drones may not be operated at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

    Can I use a GoPro camera at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    GoPro cameras are allowed to be used on the island, with the exception that for safety reasons any personal electronic device of any kind are not allowed on any of the following attractions:

    • All water slides at Thrill Waterpark
    • Adventure Pool in Thrill Waterpark
    • Splashaway Bay
    • Captain Jill’s Galleon

    On the island’s Zip Line, riders who wish to wear a GoPro must bring their own helmet mount that attaches securely to the helmet. If the staff notices the camera prevents a guest from safely participating in the activity at any time, they may ask the guest to remove or adjust the camera.

    Is there a pool or area for babies and toddlers to swim at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    Babies and toddlers with swim diapers can swim in all pools, and also in the ocean at all beaches. 

    Splashaway Bay and Captain Jill’s Galleon are also available to children. Splashaway Bay on Perfect Day at CocoCay is the largest edition yet, and comes naturally with three of its own waterslides.

    Is there transportation on Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    A tram service will run every 15 minutes at all times on the island and includes five stops: Thrill Waterpark, South Beach, Coco Beach Club, Chill Island, and Oasis Lagoon.

    A tram line will also serve Coco Beach Club exclusively during morning peak hours. All trams are accessible.

    Will I be able to find gluten free and vegetarian meal options on Perfect Day at CocoCay? What if I have other dietary needs?

    Royal Caribbean's dining venues on the island will offer gluten free and vegetarian options, as well as options to suit most dietary needs.

    Is there an option to stay overnight?

    Royal Caribbean is considering the possibility of designing the island to accommodate overnight and/or extended stays in the future. For now, visits to Perfect Day at CocoCay are only during the day.