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Top 10 Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas hidden secrets

01 Dec 2015
Matt Hochberg

Going on Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas means you will find a beautiful cruise ship with a lot to see and do, and naturally, you will not want to miss any of it.

We present our list of the top ten hidden secrets and gems that you should not overlook if you get the chance to sail on Brilliance of the Seas.

10. Comfy chairs at Vintages

I am always looking for the best spot to relax and enjoy a drink, conversation with friends or just a good book and on Brilliance of the Seas, the best place if you want pure comfort is Vintages.

Located on deck 6, Vintages offers some eccentric looking furniture that is just as comfortable to sit in as it is pleasing to look at.

If you like to sprawl out, the couches in Vintages will be perfect for you!

9. Thermal spa pass & Ultimate spa pass

If you are looking to indulge, be sure to consider the thermal spa pass on Brilliance of the Seas.

Guests can purchase a thermal spa pass, which gets them access to

  • Steam room
  • Sauna
  • Heated stone chairs

If you want even more relaxation, try the ultimate spa pass, which includes everything in the thermal spa pass plus a Rasul treatment session. The Rasul treatment is essentially a couple’s exfoliation, shower and facial and costs $99 per couple.  It is a great value for the time and money.

8. Surprise at the top of the glass elevators

The ocean facing elevators elevators on Brilliance of the Seas offer some fantastic views of the ocean that are unique to the Radiance class of ships.

However, there is a little surprise for those that go all the way to the top of the ship.

At the very top are two fisherman that are cane pole fishing and it is a feature of the ship few discover and fewer notice.

7. Lounge chairs on deck 12.5

If you are looking to sun yourself but either want to get away from the crowds or need to find a good place if all the chairs are taken by the pool, then head up to this special deck on Brilliance of the Seas.

Go to deck 12 and then walk forward until you find a set of stairs that lead to a smaller deck that has plenty of lounge chairs as well as a great view of the ocean.

This spot on deck twelve and a half is rarely full and most guests never even know it is there!

6. Outdoor Windjammer dining area

The Windjammer is a staple of any Royal Caribbean cruise experience, and on Brilliance of the Seas, guests can dine with the ocean breeze in their hair at one of the outdoor seating areas.

The Windjammer features a few dining annexes that are offer partial or full exposure to the sun, breeze and views.

Our favorite is the outdoor dining area at the aft of Brilliance of the Seas, because being able to enjoy your food while seeing the ocean pass you by is a wonderful view.

And since we are always on the lookout for comfortable places to dine, there are some great couches if you prefer to enjoy your Windjammer goodness in style.

5. Best spot for sailaway

If you want the best spot on Brilliance of the Seas to watch as she pulls out of port, then it has to be the helicopter pad at the front of the ship.

Located on the bow, guests can walk to the helicopter pad and enjoy the unobstructed views that you can only get from the helicopter pad.  

The perspective from this spot is hard to beat and many guests do not know it is possible to go here.

To access the helicopter pad, go outside on deck 5 and then walk forward, climb up a set of stairs and continue walking forward until you reach the helicopter pad.

4. The Cinema

Brilliance of the Seas has a movie theater onboard, which is a feature not many Royal Caribbean ships offer.

The Cinema is a small movie theater, where guests can watch a variety of movies throughout their cruise.

Movies in the cinema are complimentary and it offers a great way to see your favorite films as they were intended to be shown.

The cinema is located on deck 6 forward, near the King & Country Pub.

3. You can play darts

Royal Caribbean has been adding English-style pubs to its cruise ships for years, but for those that want the full pub experience, how about a game of darts to go along with that pint?

On Brilliance of the Seas, guests in the King and Country Pub can play darts whenever they please.

Like so many of the activities onboard, darts are complimentary and a great way to pass the time onboard.

2. Self-leveling billiards table

Brilliance of the Seas features self-leveling billiards tables that are the perfect way to enjoy a game of pool, even if the ship is rocking a little (or a lot).

These billiard tables utilize gyroscopes to always keep the top of the table level so that the billiards balls do not roll around.  

Not only is this a really impressive bit of technology, but it also means guests can enjoy a few rounds of pool regardless of the sea conditions.

1. Park Cafe

If you are looking for a bite to eat somewhere a little less hectic than the Windjammer, try the Park Cafe in the Solarium on Deck 11.  Not only is it less busy, but they have some really great choices!

Park Cafe features Make Your Own salad options, where guests can select the salad ingredients and the whole thing is  made in front of them.

There is a also a good variety of sandwiches, healthy snacks, desserts and more.

Park Cafe is also home to these small, but amazing, roast beef sandwiches.  These little bad boys are quite tasty and it (and the salads) are complimentary!