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Brilliance of the Seas Category E2 Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony photo tour

10 Dec 2015
Keith Davis

Royal Caribbean Blog reader Keith Davis is back to share a photo tour of his Category E2 balcony stateroom on Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas. Enjoy!

Upon entrance you are flanked by the closet and the bathroom.  The closet features the standard Royal Caribbean features. 

High and low hanger bars are located on either side of a centered cluster of cubbies. The lower bars can be hinged up to provide one long space for taller garments.

The bathroom is a standard Royal Caribbean style bathroom.  The shower, unlike Voyager and Freedom class features a curtain in lieu of doors. 

One must be careful to make sure the curtain is properly placed upon entrance to the shower.  Failure to do so will allow the water to spray outside the shower curb and onto the bathroom floor.

Beyond the closet, as you enter the stateroom, is a desk.  Just above desk level there are electrical outlets.

If you have a lot of electronics to charge I recommend bringing a multi-charger w/ multiple USB ports.  Above the desk are mirrors and lights. On either side of the seating area are drawers.  They are not very large but suitable for small articles of clothing and other small items. 

Beyond the desk is the TV, below the TV is a door behind which is a small refrigerator which acts as a mini-bar.  Above the TV is a cabinet with shelves.  The lowest shelf contains the safe.

Across from the desk is a small love seat and a table, the love seat would be best described as “cozy” if more than one person wants to occupy it at a time.

Beyond the love seat is the bed, Royal Caribbean's standard style, with two separate sections pushed together (or apart if preferred). Each section is curved at the foot of the bed to help accommodate passage in the narrow cabin.

Finally past the bed is the sliding doors to the balcony.  The balcony is your standard RC balcony, listed at 43 Sq. Ft., it contained two chairs and a table.

The unique thing about this cabin is its location.  It is located at the center of the "hump".  An area where the cabins bow out away from the bulk of the cabins.   On the Radiance class ships most of the balcony cabins are inset from the hull of the ship. 

The view straight down is not of the side of the ship and the water but of the structure that covers the life boats and the promenade deck.  As this cabin is located in the center of the hump it allows an unobstructed view both forward and aft as well as down to the water.

One possible drawback to this cabin is its location in proximity to the Centrum.  This cabin located directly adjacent to the Centrum and, as such, is subject to noise from the Centrum (music, activities, etc.)  

I personally found no issue with the noise but if you are sensitive to stray noise this may not be the cabin for you as the music tends to run until 11:30 - 12:00 each night.

The positive to this location is its proximity to the aft stairs and elevators.

Something to keep in mind is the center hump cabins are coveted my many and tend to be booked well in advance.  

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