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Royal Caribbean 2016-2017 deployment opening schedule dates

20 Feb 2015

Royal Caribbean's eagerly awaited deployment opening schedule appears to be available for its world wide cruise itineraries.

An internal Royal Caribbean document points to when Royal Caribbean will post the deployments for regions around the world.

  • Week of March 9
    • Summer/Fall Caribbean
    • Northeast and Canada
  • Week of March 16
    • Europe and Alaska
  • Week of March 30
    • Winter Caribbean and Northeast
  • Week of April 13
    • Exotics and Australia
  • Future Deployment
    • China

These dates may be subject to change.  Royal Caribbean has strongly hinted the deployment schedule would be coming out in March and this information supports it.

Deployment schedules gives consumers an idea of when to expect particular cruise schedules to become available to start looking at future cruises.