Cleveland residents undeterred by Concordia disaster


While some in the media would lead you to believe potential cruisers are shying away from taking a cruise, a report out of Cleveland, Ohio shows that most people haven't changed their potential cruise plans.

Local travel agents report their businesses have suffered no ill effects in the three weeks since the Costa Concordia incident occurred. 

Aiding in the situation is how cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have helped convey information about safety to their customers.  Jeannette Yanuzzi, an agent with Parma's Tempo Travel, said several cruise companies, including Royal Caribbean, have supplied her with information about onboard safety protocols, should clients express any reservations. But her clients haven't asked for it.

"I think the public is educated enough to realize it's a completely isolated incident," said Joanne Shikitino, manager of Cleveland's Cruises Etc.