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Royal Caribbean Passenger in Gibraltar rushed to hospital

25 Jun 2011

A female elderly passenger from Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas went to a Gibraltar hospital after she fell and cut herself on a metal barrier.

Grandeur of the Seas was docked in Gibraltar and the woman had just disembarked when she lost her balance and fell onto a metal barrier that is used to separate zones outside the cruise termal.  Unfortunately, the barrier fell down and cut the woman as she and the barrier tumbled to the ground.

Locals called for an ambulance for the woman who was quickly transported to the hospital to be treated.  It is not believed that the injuries the woman sustained are serious in nature.

Eyewitness report of Gibraltar explosion from Independence of the Seas

04 Jun 2011

Earlier this week an oil tank exploded right next to Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas.  One of the passengers aboard Independence of the Seas shared this first-hand report with The Telegraph.

We were in our cabin when we heard a loud bang. At first we presumed it was the anchor – the ship was due to leave the port at Gibraltar, so we thought it was setting sail a little earlier than scheduled.

Within minutes, the captain made an announcement, ordering everyone off the open decks and balconies, and sending a rapid response team up to deck 11 where the outdoor pools and bars were packed with young families making the most of the Gibraltar heat.

Just four minutes later, we slipped our moorings and the ship sailed, leaving the gangway and two passengers behind. Within minutes, the captain said it was safe to return to the open decks.

At dinner that night, the explosion was on everyone’s lips. “We thought it was a bomb,” one middle-aged passenger said. “American ship in a British port – quite an easy target.” 

Independence of the Seas resumes cruise after oil tank explosion in Gibraltar yesterday

01 Jun 2011

Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas has resumed its cruise after the oil explosion in Gibraltar yesterday injured 11 British guests and 1 Swiss guest.

The explosion occurred on the pier that Independence of the Seas was docked at, according to a statement by Royal Caribbean.  Furthermore, Independence immediately retracted her gangway and moved a safe distance away following the explosion.

"Twelve guests sustained minor injuries and have received medical treatment onboard. Two guests were still ashore when the incident took place and were not injured during the explosion.”

Independence of the Seas has resumed its 14-night Mediterranean sailing, having departing from Southampton on May 28, and is due to visit Cannes and Monte Carlo tomorrow.

Video of the Day: Oil explosion in Gibraltar near Independence of the Seas

01 Jun 2011

No doubt by now you've read about the oil tank explosion in Gibraltar that occurred next to Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas.  We found this video of the ensuing fire and smoke plume right next to Independence of the Seas as she begins to pull away from the danger area.

Oil tank explodes in Gibraltar near Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas

31 May 2011

An oil tank exploded today at Gibraltar  on the north mole that is just south of the cruise line terminal.  Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas was there but is okay and has left the terminal and pulled out to sea to be safe.

Official reports indicate two injuries, one of them serious burns. No further details yet.

UPDATE: A statement by Royal Caribbean indicates that 10 passengers have received medical treatment for injuries as a result of the explosion, however all the injuries are considered minor.

The statement also said, "Immediately after the explosion, the ship retracted the gangway and moved a safe distance from the dock.  Our Care Team is providing support and assistance to our guests onboard"

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