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Was on Indy a couple of weeks back there so hoping I can remember (and that they keep the same)
So there was 1 as you where first boarding the ship, then in the evenings always at least 1 on Deck 5 (outside the entrance to the MDR) on a couple of nights there was a 2nd that was positioned on the light bridge. On Deck 4 there where 2 stations set up, one by the spiral stairs and one by the found cut out of a car. Deck 3 had 1 station which was the white background so quite popular. Each of the Photographers also mentioned to us about the more personal set up in the Studio which was more close up photos. You need an appointment for that one but the Photographers where able to set it up while you where with them. The Photo stations opened at 5:30 and then closed for an hour at 6:30 before opening up again

Other than these there were Photo stations at each of the ports when we where getting off and there where photographers that walked around the MDR and a couple of other venues at times (Remember them in the Schooner bar one night)

Hope that helps you out

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There's usually a few spots to take photos. Each evening, you will find around 4-6 photo opportunities near the dining rooms or near the Centrum/Promenade.

Beyond that, there are roaming photographers in the MDR and specialty restaurants on select nights, as well as photographers that walk around Labadee/CocoCay.

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