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I did the Mystery Dinner Theatre a number of years ago. I believe it was on either the Liberty or the Freedom - can't remember for sure. I enjoyed it. My husband thought it was lame. I love dinner theater so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am certain that I will NEVER get my husband to do it again. :)


So, that's kind of a mixed review. The Mystery Dinner Theater will only occur once during your 7 day cruise so if you decide to do it, make sure that you know what night it will be and that you don't make conflicting reservations for dinner or for other entertainment options.


The food is average for that kind of thing. It is not the greatest meal I ever ate on a RCI cruise but it's better than the average dinner theater meal.

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We're doing it on our upcoming Freedom cruise, sailing on October 18th. It's scheduled on the first night. We thought it would a great way to kick things off. I'll let you all know our thoughts after.

I'd love to hear about it.  I've heard very good things but never tried it.

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