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Beach bungalow

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We're planning to get the beach bungalow for our trip this August in the enchantment. We're a big group, 8 people to be exact. When I called RC, they said it won't be a problem but I'm a little worried esp since I learned we will be wearing tags to access the area.  Jist dont want to pay extra...

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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We had a Beach Bungalow on Labadee 2 weeks ago.  Everything that I had read beforehand said up to 8 people.  I double checked this number multiple times because I knew that we were over the limit with our group of 11 people.  I even rented 2 bungalows at first.  After reading here, I decided to cancel the 2nd unit because the area, Columbus Cove, isn't restricted.  I didn't even think there would be a roped off area.  I figured we could just pull up a few extra chairs.  The main reason for our rental was to guarantee a shaded area for one member of our group. We never expected service/bottled water/etc for the additional guests.  We just wanted to be near each other.  I waited to cancel the 2nd rental until I was on the ship so that I could do it in person after having horrible results more than once with the new website.  I was afraid that it would cancel both rentals.  The ticket that printed on the ship said maximum 6 people.  The shore excursion employee insisted that is was 6 person max and that there was nothing that he could do about it.  I did not have any print outs or screen shots with me, but I KNEW that it had said 8 people on everything pre-cruise.  I was very worried.

The morning of Labadee we disembarked as early as allowed.  By the way, the water taxi that would have deposited us steps from the bungalow does not start running until almost an hour after arrival.  We took the tram with no problem.  We were the first to arrive at the bungalows.  The area was roped off and each person receives a wristband.  I politely explained that we had 11 people, 5 adults and 6 kids and that we just wanted to be able to stay together.  We chose the first unit and they were kind enough to give all 11 of us wristbands.  They even pulled up a few extra chairs for us.  He did say that they would not provide service for all 11 people and I assured him that was not expected.  Throughout the morning, the 2 attendants asked many people to move back across the ropes if they tried to move chairs into the less crowded area.  Our kids all had passes for the aqua park, water slide, and coaster, so they were barely there anyway (as we expected).

I would definitely reserve a bungalow again for a group.  While it frustrated and worried me to see the "6 person max" note on the ticket, I knew from reading here that it would probably be ok.  And if it hadn't worked out, we were still early enough that we could have created a space near enough.  Honestly, the physical space of the bungalow probably is a 6 adult-size max if everyone is in there at the same time.  

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  1. So we are going in a few weeks with 8 people.  We reserved a bungalow and two beach loungers because I thought that would get our other 2 guests wristbands into the South beach area and also the delivered lunch.  I emailed RC shoreX and they are saying the beach loungers are not near the bungalows but are near adrenaline beach?  I see there are beach bed rentals on South beach that include the lunch and Coco Limo.  Can someone confirm that the loungers don't get a wrist band to South Beach?  I hate to risk us not being together but maybe a nice tip will get us two extra wrist bands?
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