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Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore 12 June 2018

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I just read some news about trump and kim summit on 12 June in Singapore and flight activites in changi are going to have some restriction, and flight from/to singapore are expected to be delayed...

any thoughts about people won't make it to the check in and gonna miss the cruise if the flights are going to get delayed ?

bithe way i booked the cruise at 11 June 2018 departing from Singapore with Voyager of the Sea

link for reference:



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If you are departing from Singapore on June 11th, hopefully you are flying in on the 10th.  It is recommended to not fly in the day of the cruise for all sorts of reasons: weather delays, airplane maintenance issues, etc.  Many things can delay your flight and cause you to miss your cruise not just a major international summit.

If you are flying in on the 11th, I would ask your airline to see if you can move to the 10th.  That would be the easiest.  You could call RC to see if they would delay departure but I'm sure with the heavy security not to mention typical port issues, they have a certain window where they are expected to depart and can't adjust.  



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My best guess is that if enough passengers are disrupted by this, Royal Caribbean will adjust the sailing times to accommodate the disruption.

We disembarked from a cruise in France and had our dinner at the Eiffel Tower canceled because of President Trump's visit to Paris, so I guess he has a way of disrupting cruise plans. 😉

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Any Presidential visit even domestically in the US tends to cause local disruptions.  Nothing unique to the current administration, this has happened for a while.

Talk to your airline.  In the end it is out of their hands but it may give more insight to your risk. 

I always try to fly in the day before just because.  I'm a million miler on a US carrier.  Over the years I've seen all sorts of delays for all kinds of reasons.  When it comes to my cruise, I plan to be on the ship as long as the ship is there and ready to accept me.  The cost of a hotel is worth it to me.  I am booked on two Singapore based cruises in 2019 and will be arriving the day before.

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@twangster a very good point about arriving a day early. This is even more true with international travel. I even get nervous when driving to the local port for fear that there might be a major accident that ties up traffic, so I always head out super early just to be safe.

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The best airport in the world is Changi Airport in Singapore! 

Not only is it neat, clean and well organized. Not only is the security quick, easy and common sense. The washrooms are very, very clean and the washroom attendants are proud of their work. The terminals are spacious and there is plenty to do. Shopping????......ummmm.....Orlando ain't got nothing on Changi.

It is everything an airport should be....and you might be lucky and the new, $2 billion terminal might be open. It is by all accounts really something.



Unexpectedly being held up at the Changi Airport for a couple hours is defiantly not a problem....enjoy!

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