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A lot of us are fans of MEI Travel, who also happens to be a sponsor of this site. Personally, I use Michelle as do a few others here.

Technically, there are no deals to be had as all agencies are required to sell the cruise at the same price as Royal Caribbean sells the cruise. However, there are sales, resident discounts, etc. that any good TA should be aware of to get you the best price and/or to get a reduced price should another more lucrative offer come along before final payment. While there are some TAs that rebate back part of their commission to you as do some of the warehouse clubs, keep in mind that the service your receive is often inferior as a result. For example, I book a number of cruises, some of which I may not end up being able to take. Some discount TAs charge a cancellation fee even though the cruise line does not on refundable deposits.

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3 hours ago, princevaliantus said:

Actually, if you do your homework, you can get a better deal than ANY TA can get you.  I have yet to meet a TA who can beat ANY deal I can get. Just takes a little bit of foot work, as they say.


Please tell us how you do this. I just went through another round of transferring some bookings made onboard our last sailing. 

We had stayed with an online agency for years(Cruise.com)because of the price and perks(usually free grats,etc.). Over the last year or so, they quit giving these things on almost any cabins except suites. A manager there also told us that they could not combine our D or D+ balcony discounts with free grats or other perks. Have been bouncing around a bit for a while now. 

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