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Anthem March 3, 2019


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1 hour ago, Ashira said:

Going on the Anthem out if NJ March 2019. Never cruised with RC. Hope to learn and talk with others going! 


47 minutes ago, Mogli said:

Hello Ashira - I'm in hopes of the same thing :)

Hi @Ashira and @Mogli.  Welcome to the message boards!  You've definitely found a great, friendly place here to ask lots of questions about Anthem and cruising.  So many knowledgeable people!  If you want to learn more about Anthem there a few live blogs in the "live blog" section in the last few months from that ship.  If you check out the ones by @twangster, there's tons of pics of the ship along with a lot of practical info.  The first one is from November 25.  He's done several after that.  That should get you started.  Anything else, just ask away! ?

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2 hours ago, Ashira said:

I cruised twice with Carnival but that was years ago.  I'm excited to see what a different line has to offer.  

You've escaped from the dark side!

Anthem is a great ship!  Do your research, plan accordingly, book your activities and shows ahead of time and you won't be disappointed.  And there are tablecloths every night :10_wink:

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