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10 minutes ago, Brook said:

Wondering if Sapphire beach or Magens bay is more recommended. The appeal of Magens being one of the top 10 in the world is appealing but we would also like access to snorkeling areas, kayaking, and beach chairs 

We did this excursion two years ago and we're going to do it again this April: "Secret Sands Beach Exclusive and Skyline Drive" . It's actually at  Lindquist Beach. Very private, a state park and no vendors patrolling the beach selling stuff. Very calm beautiful water with a really nice coral reef in shallow water less than 50 yards from the beach. No kayaking, beach chairs are available to rent. Two years ago, there was a young man (Kareem) who had snacks, beer, soda, rum punch and snorkeling gear. He didn't charge anything for what you got, he just asked for tips. I don't know if he is still there though. I'm planning to bring some snacks and water, just in case he's gone. There is also a relatively new bath house with showers, toilets, etc. Google it, I think you'll like what you read about it.:27_sunglasses:

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Magens is certainly beautiful and typically has gentle waters.  Beach loungers available for rent.  Snorkeling isn't that great and it can get crowded.  That's less of an issue recently but as more ships call on St. Thomas it won't take long to get back to crowds.

Coki is smaller but has great snorkeling.  

Sapphire is close to some resorts and more commercial.  That's not the best word to describe it, just not as natural.  

Lyndquist is up and coming.  I had a condo over looking Lyndquist and could walk to it in the days before they were serious about charging the entrance fee.  The fee is paying for the facilities they have installed and other improvements. 

When my kids visited we would do Coki just for the abundance of sea life.  

Depending on how much time you have, St. John's should be considered.  Trunk Bay is a national park and has great snorkeling and it's a nice beach.  It's more work to get there but with a long time in port it's very doable.

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