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Jewel Top 5


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Inspired by today's podcast episode (Episode 77 - Top 5: Enchantment of the Seas), I thought I'd take a stab at my top 5 for the Jewel of the Seas.


5.  The View - excellent views are to be had from just about everywhere.  An added treat comes from the center bank of elevators that offer a sea view.


4. The Eclectic Art Collection - each deck has an interesting theme as do each of the stairwells.  We went for walks every night after dinner and had a fun time strolling the decks looking at the various art that range from neon sculptures, pictures of dogs, animations, photography, etc.


3. The Windjammer for Dinner - the Windjammer really impressed us for dinner with grilled to order fish, chicken, steaks, and burgers along with a variety of accompaniments (e.g., black peppercorn sauce).  In addition, they had a nightly action cooking station where you could get the themed entrée cooked to order which varied from night to night and included things like fajitas and quesadillas to pasta dishes.


2. The Sea View Café - every ship should have one of these and in my opinion it should be open 24 hours per day.  While the food wasn't phenomenal, it was very good and fresh as it was cooked to order.  For an indulgent snack, the chicken finger/chicken wing/fries plate was great.  And while the Rubens were good, we fell in love with the Cubans.  My son was also a fan of the vegetarian sandwich after leaving Adventure Ocean at night.


2a. The Water Slide - since the Sea View Café is going away with the Jewel's refurb, I'll add the water slide as the Radiance class is the only class in the fleet that offers a water slide.  While it doesn't compare to those offered on Carnival, Disney, or NCL, it is still a nice addition overall.


1.  The Cinema - my wife and I enjoyed several movies here.  The cinema spanned two decks, had stadium-style seating, and had a relatively large screen.  It was our go-to form of entertainment in the evenings as there were a lot of good movies being shown that we hadn't seen.



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I agree.  The views are great, with the ocean facing glass elevators a highlight.


I think the art on all the RC ships is wonderful.  We make sure we get up or down every staircase during the week to see it all.


I haven't eaten dinner in the WJ but I think the outdoor aft seating is the best WJ location of all the ships I've been on.  Sitting all the way in the back against the glass in the Voyager/Freedom glass is a close second.


Do you remember the hours for the Sea VIew.  When sailed the Jewel on a four day the hours were somewhat unpredictable. I'm looking forward to eating there more this trip.


Best part of the Jewel, I'm boarding in two days!

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Part of the charm of the Windjammer is the outdoor seating, which is part of the reason it made my Top 5 even though I forgot to mention it. As for Sea View hours, it was open 2:30-6 on port days and en from about 9 pm to 1 am. On the sea day, it was open from about 11:30/noon to 6 and then again later in the night.


Enjoy your cruise.

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