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Formal Dress Attire


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Hey everyone!!


My wife and I are scheduled to set sail on Allure of the Seas on February 1st of this year for an eastern swing caribbean cruise. This is our first cruise and are very excited for it. My question is about Formal Attire for formal nights. I see every website states it is suits and dresses. For the men do most wear just a black suit or is any type of suit acceptable for Formal Attire. I own many different colored suits and was wondering if I brought my blue one or gray one on the trip if I would be ok for Formal Nights.


Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Any colored suit is fine.  To be honest, you can get away without a jacket or even a tie.  


I bring my suit with me for formal nights but you will see plenty of men without suits on also.  Nice pants, a collared shirt and that will be fine.

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When the cruise has two formal nights people tend to dress up more for the first.  The second tends to be more semi formal - at least for the women. 


My husband takes a sport coat and tie.  A suit is not required.  Some guys may not wear a sport coat or suite but that is not the norm.


Note about Quantum: In The Grand where formal night is every night many people dress semi formal.

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