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Sandy Toes in Nassau anyone done it?

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Sorry to be that guy asking one of these types of questions.  I truly am an experienced cruiser so it pains me to ask such a newb question.


Doing this excursion next week and have a  8:00a to 5:00p time allotted in Nassau with this tour saying it gets you back to the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal at 3:45p.  Is that enough time has anyone have experience with them?

Also just curious of your thoughts on the excursion overall.


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I wanted to come back and answer this just incase anyone else was looking for information on this or was concerned like I was.

First off the excursion was awesome.  I would 100% recommend especially if you have childern they will love it.  Also even though we were there during Spring Break and had what appeared to be a full boat out to the island, it didn't feel crowded on the island at all.  Pigs were great and were treated well.

As for my original post.  We did get back right around 3:45pm.  There were plenty of Taxis waiting.  I just raised my hand and said Cruise port and immediate was ushered to a cab.  No traffic back to port we were getting out of the cab just before 4:00pm.  We had enough time to let Grammy buy some rum cake and get back on the ship before 4:20p so all my worry and tossing and turning the night before was for nothing.

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