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Mr Sancho's in Cozumel - reserved space? or free for all?


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I'm going to be in Cozumel next month on a cruise and just made a reservation for my party of 6 at Mr. Sancho's.  We are all doing the all-inclusive, and I think I read somewhere that when we check-in, we get assigned a table.  Is that correct?  I'm guessing you want to get there as soon as possible to get the best possible table?


Do people typically leave some towels or other personal items at their table to make that a home base and then go explore the pools or other areas?  Or are the tables by the pools reserved too?  I wasn't sure how much flexibility there is to move around.  I like the idea of having a table near the beach that is "mine" but I also know my kids are going to want to spend a lot of time at the pool too.


Also, I imagine my wife might be interested in getting a massage.  Those who have gotten massages at Sancho's, was it a good experience?  Reservation needed there, or is that something that is readily available the day of?




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Wife loved her massage there! No reservation needed. Investigated price and they were given a time to come back. 
we had no reserved table, just picked a empty. Was located a few rows back from the water-front tables. View was fine  Towels kept the table when we went swimming etc..

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We got there and were walked to a table, and told that was ours for the day...it was a slow day so we got one right at the edge of the water, which was nice.  I think pool side is come and go as you please, but never really went over there so not sure if people were holding spots or not- it never seemed to be real busy at the pool except around the bar a little bit.   Make sure you check out the buffet, they don't really mention it when they bring you menus...but you can get food from the menu AND go pick at stuff at the buffet.   

The massage you can just go and set something up, but when we were there, the lady actually came around with a spa menu and asked if you wanted to walk over with her. Same with the fish spa thingee, my son and I walked over and did that...he loved it (I hated it,lol)   

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