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Transportation from Disney World to Port Canaveral


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We are coming up in for a couple of days at Disney World before heading out on our cruise.  Does anyone have any suggestions for car service / limo companies that would be an option to get us from Disney World to Port Canaveral?  For personal reasons, we won’t use Uber/Lyft for this long of a ride, so we are looking for other options.  Thanks in advance.

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We did this exact thing in July. We did a few days in Orlando pre-cruise, including Disney. The best option for us was to rent a car. I rented the car way in advance and the pricing wasn't bad. It got way more expensive as we got closer to our vacation dates.

Anyway, we used Enterprise (because there is an Enterprise right at the port and they will shuttle you to the terminal upon returning the car). We picked up our car at MCO and returned the car to Enterprise on Mullet Road. It was very easy and quick. Both the pick and drop off. This was the best option for us because it gave us the freedom to drive around Orlando and the parks and we did not have to worry about uber/lyft or shuttles shared with others. Because we also stayed at a Disney property, parking the car at the parks was included.

If you are set on a shuttle service, many people like Go Port Canaveral or Cortran's. However, because you are staying at the Disney hotel, I don't know if they will pick you up from that location.

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Echoing @Lovetocruise2002, I would recommend renting a car, or at least exploring the option. I was in Disney for 3 days before going to PC to take my cruise. For 3 passengers, the cost of renting an SUV for 4 days was just slightly higher than taking a shuttle to Disney and then finding a shuttle to take us to PC. And this is considering that they charge about $50 for returning the car at a different location. So it became a no-brainer when we considered the flexibility of having a car in Disney. If you are staying at a Disney resort, they don't charge for parking at the parks or hotels. It also doesn't hurt that I actually enjoy driving.

We used Avis. And while they don't have a location at the Port, they have one that is about 5 minutes from it - and they run a (free) shuttle to the port.

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