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Serenade of the Seas - 10 Aug 2024 - 19 Aug 2024 (Ultimate Norwegian Fjords)

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We just visited Norway in June.  There were only 2 cities on our cruise that overlaps with the World Cruise.  A few quick thoughts:


No need to book an excursion through Royal.  Olden is very close to Loen (which has a SkyLift that takes you very quickly up the mountains).  The views are spectacular (picture below) and there are some very nice hiking trails.  We really liked the restaurant where the SkyLift lets you off (Hoven).  We spent part of the morning, lunch and the early afternoon before returning to the ship.  Warning:  Everything in Norway is expensive.  The bus to the lift was expensive, the lift was expensive and the lunch was expensive.  Still, it was one of the best days on our 12 day cruise.  Do your research on how to get to the lift and back.  We did the "lazy" way and got off the ship and paid a lot of money for the combined Bus/SkyLift ticket ... there may be cheaper options.



We went on an RCL Highlights bus ride.  It was pretty good.  The best part was the Sunnmore Museum which had Viking Boats (if you are cruising, you might like boats 😉) and Viking houses from different eras.  Make sure your tour includes the Sunnmore.  Another option is to stay in the town (you can easily walk).  There are lots of canals (it is nicknamed Norway's Venice).  We tried to go to lunch at a restaurant by a canal, but many of the restaurants were over booked.  Go early if you take this approach.

Have a blast ... we did.

We are going on the Antarctica portion of the World Cruise (January 2024).  We will try to post something that describes the experience for a non-World Cruiser being on the World Cruise.

Curt from Canada

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