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St. Thomas Excursions for Limited Mobility

Mrs. Thomas

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Hello! I'm planning a family cruise for 2025 to the Caribbean. My parents are going and my Dad is a bit limit with his mobility. Due to back issues he walks aided with a cane, though he does this rather well and isn't too slow. One of the ports of call is St. Thomas. My husband and I went while on our honeymoon on Allure (2013) and had a great time. However, I know that it isn't one of those places that you can reach a beach really quickly by walking. Are there any shore excursions that aren't too expensive that my parents can do? This will be their first cruise. TIA

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I am somewhat mobility limited also.  Wherever we go, I always book a low-impact sightseeing excursion, be it a bus, shuttle, taxi, surrey...whatever. 

The last time in St. Thomas/St. John, we booked a surrey tour in St. John, via a  ferry ride from St. Thomas.  This tour in St. John was one of the best excursions I've ever done. 

There are many tour services available on both islands, but I've found a surrey to be my favorite.  And what I'm calling a surrey is a pickup truck or chassis-cab with bus seats and a surrey top.  There are running boards the full length of this vehicle to allow easy boarding.  And once onboard, there are lots of hand-holds.

We purchased this tour from Royal, however there are many similar tours available at the port.





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