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Odyssey of the seas 6th or 10th floor

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Hi. I just booked my first cruise with my wife and 2 kids (who will be 5 and 3 1/2) once we go on the 7 day cruise in April 2025. I booked a balcony room on the 6th floor no obstruction towards the middle. We are nervous about the sea sick and with kids. Underneath on the 5th floor is obviously attractions so we are worried about noise level for kids to sleep at night. I have the option to change to same room type on the 10th floor. Would this be a better move and still not feel sea sick or the motion as much?

let me know. Thanks!

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I wouldn't change, I like that part of the ship.  You might want to change to be closer to Adventure Ocean, SeaPlex and pool decks.

Motion is a normal concern for a first time cruiser, but it will likely be a non-issue.  Bring some Bonine.

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We were on Odyssey last month and stayed on the 12th floor.   Just 2 easy flights up to pool deck, activities, WJ, and El Loco Fresh.   Easy to walk down to the Esplanade or take elevator.   Take the 10th floor if you still have that option.


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