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Pre-Cruise Testing for Kids


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I have reached out to RC via phone and emai on this subject and I am still confused.  I cruise on HOTS on October 30th for a 7 night cruise.  I have an eight year old who is not vaccinated (please do not judge).  Can I have her take an at home test kit for COVID and simply take a picture of the result and show that at time of boarding?  Or does it need to be through a physician?  I have not received an email back yet and I asked a while ago and the lady I spoke to did not sound like she knew the answer.  I just want to make sure I have her take the correct test and have the correct test results for boarding.    I did look this up on RC FAQ's and it's confusing.   Anyone sail with kids recently that had to take a test 3 days before boarding?  What did you do?

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Currently, the rules say you can take either a proctored or home test, regardless of vaccination status:


If your cruise visits Bermuda or Canada, test protocols for your cruise are in the next section. 

Guests 5 years of age and older who are not fully vaccinated must bring a negative test result for a COVID-19 antigen or PCR test taken within the 3 days before boarding day, regardless of the duration of their cruise.

Fully vaccinated guests 5 years of age and older must bring a negative test result for a COVID-19 antigen or PCR test taken within the 3 days before boarding day on sailings that are 10 nights or longer only. Testing is not required for fully vaccinated guests on shorter itineraries. 

Guests younger than 5 do not have any testing requirements.

Required testing for all guests, regardless of vaccination status, can be completed using any type of PCR or antigen test. It can be professionally proctored by a healthcare professional, such as your doctor or pharmacist, or you can use a home test kit. Home test kits are not required to be conducted under live video supervision. 

Tests must be arranged on your own and are at your own expense. 

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