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Chops lunch. What's a good price?

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4 hours ago, CanHardlyWait said:

Ok, so current offer says lunch reg $29.99 on sale 15% off $24.99. The math would actually put it at $25.49 (but let's not even go there). I thought I saw it the other day for $22.99. What's best price people see lately? Would black friday be even better?

I know this isn't the most helpful answer, but I think it's the most honest: a good price is what you're willing to pay for the experience, and that number will vary from person to person based on a ton of variables.  If the price is one you're willing to pay, it's a good price, go ahead and book it.  If it goes on sale after that, cancel and rebook, then you've gotten a great price!

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