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Silversea 24/25 Africa & Indian Ocean focus

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Silversea to Feature Voyages to Africa and the Indian Ocean in 2024-2025

Silver Spirit

Silversea has unveiled a long voyage collection for the 2024-2025 season which will expand across 900 destinations, and highlights include, among others, six ships sailing 19 voyages to Africa and the Indian Ocean, according to a press release.

The season, which includes 341 new sailings that will call at 695 destinations in 120 countries, will take place between March 2024 and May 2025 aboard Silversea’s fleet, according to the company.

The six ships sailing 19 voyages to Africa and the Indian Ocean see highlights including an 18-day Silver Cloud voyage in April 2024, during which guests will explore East Africa's Indian Ocean islands. Additionally, six voyages of 16 to 17 days will transit the Suez Canal, two of which will sail in November 2024, aboard the Silver Spirit and the Silver Whisper.

Other key news is a new ship in the Silver Ray.

Guests aboard the Silver Cloud, the Silver Shadow and the Silver Moon will be able to discover 13 sailings to 59 destinations in the South Pacific Islands such as Hawaii and the French Polynesia

Silversea’s Silver Spirit, Silver Dawn and Silver Ray will cruise to 19 countries in Northern Europe across 31 voyages, while heading north, the company will provide 31 voyages in Alaska which will allow guests more time in ports of call. Additionally, new summer voyages in Canada and New England have been added to the company’s collection.

Other notable additions include a series of 27 journeys to Asia, 10 voyages to South America, 18 voyages to the Caribbean and Central America aboard the Silver Shadow and Silver Moon, as well as the Silver Ray's debut voyage to the region, and 52 expeditions on the Silver Origin.

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