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Not a happy camper

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My wife and I just came back from a cruise to the Caribbean on the Liberty of the seas. While the boarding was screwed up due to fog I don't blame the cruise line for the delay. First the bad about the cruise. For a surprise my wife ordered to have our room decorated and Champange delivered to our room for the first night, the room Was decorated but the champange wasn't delivered. After several trips to the front desk, after several calls the bottle was delivered on the 3rd evening, so much for the surprise. then our MY time dining reservations for Rembrant's were also messed up for 2 nights. With the dining fixed , service was excellent and food was above par, would have liked a few more selections. We booked the Land and Sea excursion in the Grand Cayman, Our tour guide was fantastic Erschelle did a wonderful job , but the tour was rush rush rush was disappointed not enough time at the various stops with the crowds from other tours. In Jamaica we took the Margiritaville cat boat ride was good booze flowed however when we reached to beach it was a shack right next to a big resort not worth going to except the swimming in the water. Now for the really big Screw up by the cruise company we had booked all excursions and shuttles through the cruise company When we disembarked we were off the boat ahead of schedule and our shuttle buses had already departed from Galveston headed to Houston's international airport leaving us at the docks, we had to take a taxi at the cost of $184.00.



Now the GOOD things the staff was fantastic for the most part, Kevin our room attendant was very out going and took fantastic care of us and our room, room service was fairly quick and some of their selections were better. especially the cheese cake. pizza on deck 5 was pretty good.we explored the ship enjoyed several of the productions and they were first rate. one just needs to read the Ship Compass to figure it out .The staff kept decks CLEAN and neat, enjoyed the movies under the stars and the hot tubs that just over the sides. The medical staff is worthy of any ER or hospital on land, I came down ill Pnuemonia can't blame that on the cruise line. The Dr.'s and nurses were busy but they took time to actually figure out how you felt and were responding to their care. not just a quick question and then out but actually were concerned for your health. CUDOS to the cruise line for these Professionals 




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Be sure to drop RCCL an e-mail with your experiences.  I wrote to them after a gratifying Oasis cruise in September with nothing but praises for the staff that took care of me (by name).  They responded with a voucher for $50 OBC for each of us on a future cruise (which we used earlier this month).  They do read and respond to the e-mails from the passengers.

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