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Transfers from Houston to Galveston in September

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Hey all,

I'm cruising on September 21 out of Galveston. There will be 5 of us and I'm looking for affordable transportation from IAH to Galveston on the 20th. I've looked up various taxi fares, shuttles, car rentals, and cruise transfers, all ranging from $290+ round-trip. I've found a 10 passenger shuttle for $350 round-trip. Is there anyone else looking for transportation that knows of better deals or interested in splitting shuttle costs?



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I ran into this very problem and here's the problem: there is no inexpensive option.


Best choices are renting a car and finding a hotel where you can park for the week or some shuttle.


RC offers a transfer but you have to fly in the day of the cruise, which I never do.

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If you chose to stay in Houston you can still fly in before the day of sailing and use the ships transfer.  All you have to do is give RCI phony flight information for the day of sailing.  I've done it before on other sailings, not Houston-Galveston.  Fly in, stay in town, go back to airport the day of sailing and use the ships transfer from the airport.

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