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  1. I've priced out a bunch of travel options for my cruise out of Galveston, September 2014. For 3+ travelers, cruise transfers aren't very affordable. Recently I've found that Costco offers a 25% discount on certain rental cars, and renting the car for 8 days, and paying the $65 parking fee (in advance) for the week is looking like the cheapest option so far at about $285. Some round trip taxi fare estimates come close to that, so it all depends on your preference. The only cheaper option I can find is splitting a 10 person shuttle with other cruisers, but trying to find others to split with is tricky.
  2. Hey all, I'm cruising on September 21 out of Galveston. There will be 5 of us and I'm looking for affordable transportation from IAH to Galveston on the 20th. I've looked up various taxi fares, shuttles, car rentals, and cruise transfers, all ranging from $290+ round-trip. I've found a 10 passenger shuttle for $350 round-trip. Is there anyone else looking for transportation that knows of better deals or interested in splitting shuttle costs? Thanks!
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