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A stop in Orlando - Excursions?


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We are on the 7 night Oasis with a stop for the afternoon at Port Canaveral. What excursions does anyone recommend while there? 

We considered an airboat ride (30, min, 1 hour or 2..). One of the operators recommended to avoid anything longer than 30 minutes as the heat in the marsh in the afternoon gets to be unbearable. 

Disney/Universal is at least 1 hour away...

Kennedy Space Center is close by but they recommend a few hours there. We arrive around 1 and they close at 5. We thought about a rental car from the port up to Orlando or for the area but the cost of a rental vs what activities we can get to might be tight... 

Any ideas?


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I have friends ~ 2 hours away in The Villages, and I thought it would be fun to rent a car & meet somewhere in the middle for a few hours, but Enterprise is closed that day @ port Canaveral.  Not sure if renting for a~ 6 hours is an option, and we're a family of 4 with a wheelchair, so need a good sized car. I was thinking about the shuttle to Disney or Sea World just to get to Orlando area, but then wouldn't have a car to meet them elsewhere.

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