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Question about a refund?

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32 minutes ago, kt2000 said:

Booked a cruise with FCC for March 2023.   With FCC program ended.   If I cancel my cruise since will before cruise deadline - will I now receive a full refund?


Thanks for any scoop!!

FCC program has not ended. The FCC issued during the height of the pandemic has expiration dates coming due. 

There really are only a few ways to receive a full refund.

  • If you booked refundable (if FCC is applied it get reissued).
  • If the cruise is cancelled by RCG, you will have the option.
  • Lastly in the current climate, if you need to cancel because of covid restrictions as they weren't in place when you booked/you test positive.

Baring these, you will only get FCC if you cancel and possibly be assessed a fee.

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