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Travelling with 8 month old - need help with trips and tricks

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Hi Everyone!

We are headed to Barcelona for a week on Wonder of the Seas in May. We will be travelling with our 8 month old. Would love tips and tricks for those that have travelled with little ones!

Some questions I had: 

- Is it pack n play's that are supplied or are they actual cribs in the room? Did anyone bring a black out to go over top so the parents could keep some lights on after the little one went to bed?

- 1/2 pumped breast milk and 1/2 formula. I can't seem to find read made formula in Barcelona, what are tips and tricks with bottles? Did anyone wash the bottles in the sink in the bathroom or buy the bottles with the disposable liners? Can I bring on extra distilled water for bottles or is the ship water safe for an 8 month old?

- How easy is it to ask for steamed veggies in the dinning areas or Windjammer?

What else am I missing. First time mom travelling for the first time with our baby! HELP 🙂

Thanks Jenn 

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Hi there! Our first kid was 11 months old for her first cruise and our second was 8 months for her first. To answer some of your questions based on our experiences:

1) yes, pack n play is what we had. We also asked for an extra blanket to put under the fitted sheet as the mattress was super hard. We had no problem closing the curtains and keeping the small bedside lights on. They weren’t bright enough to bother the baby. 

2) both of our kids were on formula when we cruised and we brought a tub of the powdered formula to mix onboard with each bottle. At the time, you could pre-order a case of bottled water to your room, so we used those to make formula and much easier to carry around a regular bottle of water than a gallon jug. As for washing, we brought a small bottle of bottle soap and a travel bottle washer/drying rack that was so clutch (OXO Tot travel drying rack with brush)

Food was awesome and great opportunity to get the littles exposed to new foods! Windjammer always had plenty of options available and in the dining room, they were always willing to whip up whatever you ask for! 

As for extra tips, definitely bring more diapers and formula than you think you’ll need! I wouldn’t recommend a stroller any bigger than an umbrella stroller as the hallways can be pretty narrow. They have a special pool area just for littles who are in swim diapers, which is great. Otherwise, have a great time! Cruising with babies is quite different than cruising pre-kids, but you’ll figure out what new routines work best for your family!

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A few tricks in case you are flying:

  • You can get breast milk through security but you have to follow the reasonable quantities rules. This means you're exempt from the 3-1-1 rule limiting liquids to 3.4 ounces.  Pack formula, expressed breastmilk, or water for mixing with powder separately and be ready to let the TSA know you have it. You may ask that they not go through the x-ray machine (although this shouldn't cause a health problem). Visit the TSA website for more information.

  • Dress in layers. The temperature in a plane can vary widely, especially if you are stuck waiting on a runway, so layers of clothing are best. As you pick out clothing, choose outfits that make diaper changing in a small space easier. Also, pack a change of clothes or two, in case turbulence hits during a diaper change or when you are feeding. Bring plastic bags for soiled clothing.

  • Be ready for ear pain. During the climb after takeoff and descent before landing, changes in pressure between the outer ear and middle ear can cause discomfort. If your baby has had ear surgery or an ear infection in the past two weeks, ask his or her doctor if it's OK to fly. Having babies drink from the breast or a bottle, or suck on a pacifier, can help. If your child has a cold or ear infection, a dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help; check with your doctor for the right amount to give your child.

  • Keep in mind that sleeping babies are easier for everyone. If possible, travel at a time when your baby naturally sleeps, or consider trying to put off a nap until it's time to fly. Flight delays can cause this to backfire if your exhausted baby decides to scream instead of sleep. But it may be worth a try.


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