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  1. Hey KristiZ! How was your experience with the train in Rome? We are there for a day and looking to go from the cruise port into the city. Would just love your thoughts Jenn
  2. Hi Everyone! We are headed to Barcelona for a week on Wonder of the Seas in May. We will be travelling with our 8 month old. Would love tips and tricks for those that have travelled with little ones! Some questions I had: - Is it pack n play's that are supplied or are they actual cribs in the room? Did anyone bring a black out to go over top so the parents could keep some lights on after the little one went to bed? - 1/2 pumped breast milk and 1/2 formula. I can't seem to find read made formula in Barcelona, what are tips and tricks with bottles? Did anyone wash the bottles in the sink in the bathroom or buy the bottles with the disposable liners? Can I bring on extra distilled water for bottles or is the ship water safe for an 8 month old? - How easy is it to ask for steamed veggies in the dinning areas or Windjammer? What else am I missing. First time mom travelling for the first time with our baby! HELP Thanks Jenn
  3. Is the daycare open on Adventure Ocean? I had trouble booking my 8 month old in May and worried that it's because the daycare is closed due to covid. Ek!
  4. Please share any advice of travelling with an 8month old. Headed out on Wonder in May with my 8 month old. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! We won't have access to the genie
  5. This is our first Med cruise and obviously first time on Wonder. We are bringing out 8 month old and looking for tips and tricks
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