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Traditional dining - mixed tables?


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I have been on a handful of RC cruises and my experience in the past has been that traditional dining, we (a couple) were seated with another couple.

This was all pre-COVID, however.

I find it odd I can't find any specific answer on this - are they still assigning mixed tables in MDR for traditional dining? Or is this changed because of COVID?

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My cruise in January, with COVID protocols still in place, separated diners by traveling group.  My cruise earlier this month (scaled-back protocols and no masking) had mixed groups at the same tables at traditional dining.  I believe there were eight people at our table consisting of couples, singles, and some folks who were traveling together.  As @cdixon22 said, you can speak to the folks at the MDR podium on your first day if you'd like to request a change (table by yourself, etc.).  They do their best to accommodate when possible.

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