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Poker tournament

Nate Y

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It’s been a while since we participated in a poker tournament but as far as I can recall, buy-in was $100 with some re-buys possible.  As far as competition, there’s just no way to anticipate that.  My experience is that there are usually a couple of good players and a couple of lucky ones to deal with.

These are satellite tournaments for the Royal Poker Tournament that has traditionally been played in early December.  All of the tournament winners come together in Dec for the final tourney.  Dan won one of the satellites a number of years ago and we went to the finals.  It was fun.  He went out in the first round so we got to relax and enjoy the rest of the cruise !

Whether or not they actually give away a free cruise and entry into the final tourney depends on how many people sign up for the satellite tourney.  If they do not get enough participation they will just award cash prizes and nobody from that sailing goes to the finals.

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