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Port acronyms


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BYE = Bayonne (NJ)

FLL is an airport code for Fort Lauderdale.  The port is Port Everglades and often uses PEV as it's short name.  Royal seems to use the airport code FLL for Fort Lauderdale.

TGN = Tarragona (Spain)

CPH = Copenhagen 

In some cases they fall back to the airport code for a home port, in other cases they don't.  

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AMS = Amsterdam

ATH = Athens

BAO = Baoshan (Shanghai, China)

BCN = Barcelona

BGI = Bridgetown (Barbados)

BLQ = Ravenna (Venice)

BNE = Brisbane

BOS = Boston

BWI = Baltimore

BYE = Bayonne (NJ)

CPH = Copenhagen 

FLL = Fort Lauderdale

GAL = Galveston

HFA = Haifa

HKG = Hong Kong

HNL = Honolulu

LAX = Los Angeles

MIA = Miami

PCN = Port Canaveral

ROM = Rome

SEA = Seattle

SIN = Singapore

SJU - San Juan

STH = Southampton

STO - Stockholm

SEW = Seward

SYD = Sydney

TGN = Tarragona

TPA = Tampa

TSN = Beijing (Tianjin)

YVR = Vancouver

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