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No "The Key" on Liberty of the Seas

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I was seeing a refund on my Royal Caribbean credit card and was wondering why.  Looking at my order history I noticed that my Key was missing.  I called in and they informed me that Liberty is not doing "The Key" program.  Anyone else having the same situation?

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This happened to me a few weeks ago on Freedom.  If you have purchased the KEY for a future sailing, I highly recommend reaching out to Royal to confirm the KEY is being offered on that sailing.

I received an email the evening before the cruise detailing "new post COVID" KEY benefits.  Turns out that email was for a future Oasis cruise and not for my Freedom cruise although there is no mention of ship or date in the email.  When I arrived at the port there was no KEY signage and none of the staff knew what the KEY was.  When I got on the ship, I went immediately to guest services and was told the KEY wasn't starting on Freedom for another 2 weeks.  After much discussion, I spoke with an assistant manager who said she would reach out to Royal to ensure I would get a refund since they could do nothing onboard.  Eventually, she got a message to me confirming I would receive a refund.  It turns out when I got home and checked my credit card, Royal had refunded me the week before the cruise.   I don't know how Royal is communicating with guests when they cancel the KEY but I did not receive any updates.  The situation left me with no internet access on the ship and I had to go purchase it onboard.  Fortunately, the staff member selling internet was very understanding and after explaining the whole situation to him he did offer me a discount to account for the lost opportunity to buy the internet package in the Cruise Planner.  Staff member service onboard, still excellent, Royal corporate communication, not very good.

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11 hours ago, SolariumSnoozer said:

I don't know how Royal is communicating with guests when they cancel the KEY but I did not receive any updates.

They are not saying anything.  The only way I found out is due to a credit on my card and investigating why on my own.

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