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FLL Hotel With Shuttle & Cruise Parking


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I have a 3/27 Harmony cruise booked out of PC, but have been toying with 

changing it to either Wonder or a sweet 8-nighter on Allure, both out of FLL

at about the same time.

I've never been there, and am not super excited about adding 2.5 hours to 

my drive down, but am willing to reconsider.   I can't fly, as my wife brings 

enough luggage to last 6 months.   


I am looking for a good, nice, hotel that is close but won't kill my wallet (I know,

I want everything) that has long term parking and shuttle service.  

Surely some of y'all drive down.


Thanks for any help.

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1 hour ago, Floski said:

Oh, hellfire.  I didn't even consider spring break.

Thanks for stopping me before I got too involved.

Harmony it is, then!!


Thanks, Tony.   Now, the conference needs y'all to get off the schnide and win a game!

Don’t necessarily throw in the towel. You can always stay West of the city in Plantation or Sunrise and get a decent rate. It’s a short Uber ride (15-20 min) to the port. 

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