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I had initially booked a BTB on Odyssey of the Seas for this November, 2020 (which was cancelled) and now I have a BTB booked for November / December 2021.  The cruises are 6 and 8 nights each.  I usually do the prepaid gratuities when I book online or with an agent (all of these booking were done online myself).  Given that RCL charges $14.50 USD per person, per day, the grats should be $174 USD for the 6 night sailings and $232 USD for the 8 night sailings.

The reason I ask is that when I added the prepaid gratuities for all four cruises, I was charged $520.16 CDN (which is approximately $397 USD) per cruise.  It was the exact same amount for all 4 cruises, no matter the length of the sailing.  This works out to approximately $33 USD per person, per night on the 6 night sailings, and $24.80 USD per person, per night on the 8 night sailings.  We're traveling with another couple on one of the sailings, and they had the exact same issue.  When I phoned, RCL wasn't able to handle the math (or my explanation), so I just had them remove the prepaid gratuities entirely.

Anyone else have any issues with prepaid gratuities on Odyssey of the Seas bookings?  You might want to check...



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I had the same problem for my Odyssey cruise Mar 21 that I lift and shift. Changed to Mar 22 and they were charging me like 33-40 dollars per day. Had it taken off and was told to call back later on to get it added again at the price i actually paid for them. Guy I spoke with even did mock booking and it came up that way for him too.

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