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Have sailed a number of times on RCL, primarily out of Tampa. We were scheduled to do a Panama Canal cruise in March out of Tampa on Celebrity. Because of china flu concerns and the effect on cruising, we are considering switching to Celebrity Edge out of Ft Lauderdale in 2022. Would appreciate any comments as to the size of the ship (my wife has mobility problems) and features, especially the Virtual balcony that Edge has. Most of our cruises have been on Radiance class but we have cruised up to the Freedom of the Seas, which was a bit too much for her. Like the idea of four dining rooms with different cuisine choices. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks, stay healthy and have a happy 4th!

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Edge is a great ship, and offers new ways of enjoying cruising.   Very well laid out.  Believe the cuisine is the most diverse and high quality on Celebrity.  The MDR is split into 4 smaller main dining rooms, each with a specialty entree (Med, French, Italian, Continental), but they also have a large common menu thats served in all of them.  In order to enjoy all 4 dining rooms, you want the Select (anytime dining).   If you take the set dining schedule, you'll only be able to rotate through 3 of them.  The special restaurants are also very good.  Eden very unique - like Wonderland on an Oasis class ship.   Steakhouse also excellent.    There's entertainment throughout the ship, lots of art, and plenty of deck space.   Virtual balcony is is like a sunporch. The window does slide down, but its not a full balcony experience, more like a sun porch.  Balcony is separated with a set of doors.  If you open the window, the A/C is turned off.   When you close the window, the A/C is restored.   In terms of experience,  if you've had a balcony in the past, you'll notice a different feel to the room, if you haven't you won't really care.   Very smooth ride.  Edge class has a new bow design that makes the ship very slick and smooth during the cruise.

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